Rocket League Party Skill and Matchmaking

Party Skill and Matchmaking use a Weighted Average that blends the average skill of all players. The Weighted Average then skews that average to the highest-ranked player.


  • A party of similarly ranked players will have a Party Skill close to their average rating.
  • A party that’s farther apart in Rank will match against players closer to their highest-Ranked player.

Catching Up Lower-Skilled Party Members

This system rewards lower-Ranked friends to catch up in Competitive matches. Lower-ranked players will earn more for beating higher-Ranked players. The system also penalizes losses less when playing against higher-Ranked players.


  • The lower-Ranked player will receive more skill points for beating opponents who are ranked higher.
  • The lower-Ranked player will lose fewer skill points for losing to opponents who are ranked higher.

A Few Important Notes

  • The average for players in Champion Rank and higher is weighted more towards the highest-ranked player.
  • Casual parties will match slightly closer to their average than they would in Competitive matches.
  • Based on player feedback, we have added Rank restriction for undersized parties. For more info, check out: Are there Rank Restrictions for Parties in Rocket League?

Ready to Party Up? For more info, check out: How do I Party Up after a match in Rocket League?

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