How do I change the country on my Epic Games account?

The country on your Epic account can affect certain features and services, so it’s important that it matches the country where you currently reside.

Before you change your country, it is important to know that:

  • You can update your country only once every 6 months
  • You will need to be logged in and have access to the email registered to your account
  • It’s not possible to update the country on your Epic account to certain regions, you can find more information on these regions: What regions are permitted to make purchases with Epic Games?
  • You must disable any active VPN or hosting services
  • If you use an Epic wallet as one of your payment methods, then the balance must be under $10 USD (or local currency equivalent). Please note that the Epic Wallet may not be available in the new country you are changing your account to

Click here to start the country change process.

Use your Account Management Page: Epic Games Account Settings only if you have not made any purchases (redeeming free games will be counted as a purchase too).

Exception for players in South Korea

If you are changing your country to or from South Korea then you are required to use the Real ID system, and will need to contact us by submitting a support request.

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