How to report an inappropriate 3rd-party application

Epic Games allows 3rd-party applications (games) to authenticate your Epic account for your convenience.

Epic Games reviews the descriptive data of these applications to make sure the content is appropriate for all users. If you encounter an inappropriate 3rd-party application please take the time to report the app.

Epic Games reviews 3rd-party application description content which includes the application’s name and logo (text and imagery), and validates the existence of a website and privacy policy.

If you see an application that seems to be inappropriate in this context, please provide feedback to us by either:

  • Selecting report this app during the notice and consent dialog when playing on your Epic Games Account
  • Or selecting Report this app for the application on the Connections page of your Epic Account

All reports are reviewed by an internal team and actions are taken on a case-by-case basis. Epic Games does not provide any response directly back to the reporter.

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