My Epic Games friends list has been capped

To provide a more stable experience with the Epic Games launcher, we have added a cap to the total number of friends on any player’s list. For most players, that cap will be 1,000. If your current friend list already exceeds 1,000, we have capped your friend list to the number of friends you had as of August 19, 2020. For anyone that hits the friend cap limit, you will need to edit/remove friends before adding new friends.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for helping us improve the ecosystem for everyone.

Please Note: If your friend list currently exceeds 1,000 friends, you will need to delete friends before you can add more. Deleting friends will also reduce your friend limit until your number of friends is below 1,000, at which point your friend limit will be set to 1,000 going forward.

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