How to set up Parental Controls for the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store offers the ability to use a PIN to manage the acquisition of mature game content (including free games) based on ratings. All communications regarding parental controls are sent to the email address associated with the account.

To set up Parental Controls for the Epic Games Store, follow the steps below to set up a PIN and manage controls.

  1. Go to your account settings via the Epic Games Launcher or the Epic Games Store website.
  2. SIGN IN to your account.
  3. Ensure you’re on the PARENTAL CONTROLS tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. You should see the Set Parental Controls PIN window.
  5. Enter and confirm a 6-digit PIN.
  6. The PARENTAL CONTROLS tab is where you can manage parental controls for the Epic Games Store, Launcher, and Fortnite.
  7. Select your parental control preferences.
    • Manage your Parent Control PIN - Change your PIN code
    • Epic Games Payment - Toggled on, this option requires your PIN for every download and purchase.
    • Epic Games Store - The rating system to be used in the restrictions is based on your location. We use the following rating systems:
      • ESRB - Entertainment Software Rating Board rating is based on age-appropriateness content and interactive elements.
      • PEGI - Pan European Game Information uses recommendations based on the age suitability of a game.
      • GRAC - Game Rating and Administration Committee is the South Korean video game content rating board based on the nature of game content.
    • Require PIN for purchase and downloads not rated suitable for - Select the level of rating that will require your PIN to purchase.
    • General Social Permissions- these permission levels apply to Epic Games products (including Fortnite, Rocket League, Fall Guys, etc.)
      • These permissions impact adding friends, voice chat, and text chat.
    • Additional permissions:
      • Filtering mature language - filter mature language in chat.
      • Hiding Display Name - Hide your child's display name from others in the game.
      • Playtime Tracking Report - Get a weekly tracking report of playtime emailed to you.

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