How parents/guardians can submit a support request

As a Parent/Guardian, you can contact Player Support for assistance with your child's account from here.

  1. Once you go to the Parental/Guardian support request form, enter your guardian email address in the PARENT EMAIL field to start the verification process. Then click the SEND VERIFICATION MAIL button to send a code to your guardian's email address.

  2. Copy the code you received in your guardian email inbox and paste it into the field. Click on CONTINUE.

  3. Once you've entered the security code, select the account of your child that you need assistance with. If you have several child accounts associated with your guardian's email address, you will see a list of all of them.

  4. In the DESCRIBE YOUR PROBLEM field, let us know how Player Support could help you. Submit your request.

Please note that for security reasons, filling out this request form has a time limit.

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