IS-0003: Install Failed - Could not create directory

This error typically appears when you are trying to update or install a game.

To resolve this issue, clear your Epic Games Launcher’s webcache:

  1. Exit the Epic Games Launcher by right-clicking the system tray icon in the bottom-right corner, and then clicking Exit.
  2. Press Windows key + R, type “%localappdata%”, and then press Enter to open a File Explorer window.
  3. Open the Epic Games Launcher folder.
  4. Open the Saved folder.
  5. Click the webcache folder, and then delete it.
    • (Optional) If there is a folder called webcache_4147 and/or webcache_4430, delete that as well.
  6. Restart your computer, and then relaunch the Epic Games Launcher as Admin.
  7. Try to update/install the game again

Run the Epic Games Launcher as an administrator

By running the launcher as an administrator you ensure there are no permissions issues that could be causing the installation to fail.

  1. Exit the Epic Games Launcher if it is open.
  2. Right-click on your Epic Games Launcher shortcut.
  3. Click on Run as administrator.
  4. Try the installation or update of the game again.

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