How to Add Friends to your Epic Account

To add friends to your Epic Account:

  1. Open the Epic Launcher
  2. Look to the top right corner of the screen and click on the icon with the double silhouette. This will display your Friends' List

0 - Friends List 2.png

  1. When the section expands, click on the middle silhouette with the plus sign to open the ADD FRIENDS section
  2. Next, in the search box, enter the Epic Games Display Name of the player you want to add as a friend
    • Hint: You can use partial words to help find the name you’re looking for (e.g. type “Epic” and the name “Epic Games” will appear in your results)

  1. When you’ve located the correct name from the results, click on it. A second window will appear with a brief profile for the player. Choose “ADD EPIC FRIEND” to send the friend request.

To add friends from your Steam Account or other social accounts, visit How do I add my friends from my Steam account to my Epic Games account?

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