Troubleshooting device issues in Fortnite

If you're having trouble using a device such as a mouse, keyboard, headset, etc. here are some common fixes that may resolve issues you're having.

Change USB Ports

Some devices stop being recognized for various reasons such as an operating system update. Try a different USB port to see if your device gets recognized and begins to function correctly.

Reinstall or update the device driver

If you are using a third-party mouse, keyboard, or headset, try reinstalling the device driver. The latest drivers can be found on the manufacturer's website for the device you're using. You can contact your device manufacturer for steps to install the driver.

Misaligned mouse cursor

If your mouse cursor is not aligned properly in Fortnite do the following:

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Click on the main menu and then Settings
  3. Change your Window Mode to Fullscreen
  4. Change your resolution to 1920x1080 16:9
  5. Click on Apply
  6. Restart Fortnite

Check Inputs

If you are using a controller and not getting a response, make sure to check your input settings.

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Click on the main menu and then Settings
  3. Go to Mouse and Keyboard
  4. Scroll down to “Ignore Gamepad Input” and switch it to “On”

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