Epic Friends (Friends List) in Rocket League

At free to play, friends you had through Rocket ID transfered to Epic Friends, and any friends you have through your Epic Games Account are visible in Rocket League.

How do I send and receive friend requests in Rocket League?


To create a party, select the Create Party button at the bottom of the screen. This will launch the Invite to Party menu where you can send invites to friends by selecting their names.

You can also create a party by selecting a player’s username in the Friends List.

To join a Party, launch the Friends List menu and go to the Notifications tab. There, you will see your Party Invites and you can join the party by selecting the green checkmark.


Pending Friend Requests, Party Invites, Club Invites and other notifications can be found in the Notifications tab

If you are a child with parental controls, your parent or guardian’s pin may be required to send or accept friend requests.

Recent Players

The Recent Players tab will show the last 25 players that you have played with or against. It will show players that are not already on your Friends List. From this list, you can view a player’s profile or send them a friend request.

Blocking Players

You can block players through the in-game Friends List. Once you block a player, you will no longer receive notifications from them, and your online presence will not be visible to them. Remember that you may still be friends with this player through your platform’s Friends List.

Blocked players will appear in the new Blocked Players list within the Friends List menu. You can unblock players by selecting them from your Blocked Players list, and choosing the Unblock Player button.

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