How Do I Restore Rocket League DLC Licenses on PlayStation?

If your DLC is not in inventory, use this article to regain your purchased Items on your PlayStation.

PlayStation 5

  1. Launch Rocket League
  2. Select the icon next to the Play button
  3. Select View Product
  4. Select the Add-Ons tab
  5. Select View All Add-Ons
  6. Download DLC packs that show as purchased

PlayStation 4

  1. Launch Rocket League
  2. Hold down the PlayStation button on the controller
  3. Select PlayStation Store in the upper left corner
  4. Locate the Add-Ons tab on the right side
  5. Press the X button on your controller
  6. Download any DLC packs that show as purchased

For more info on DLC Sharing, check out: Can I Use My DLC Items On All Platforms?

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