What Are Rank Restrictions for Parties in Rocket League?

Rank Restrictions help players in undersized parties find similarly Ranked players to queue with. Undersized parties are parties of two players in a 3v3 Standard Match or 3v3 Standard Tournament. This feature does not affect parties of two attempting to queue in 2v2 or Extra Mode Playlists.

Players need to be within 3 Ranks of each other. This is so a 3rd teammate will be able to join a similarly Ranked team.

Example: If two party members are Platinum 2 and Diamond 3 (a gap of 4 Ranks), they will not be able to queue in 3v3 Standard. Alternatively, if they are Platinum 3 and Diamond 3 (a gap of 3 Ranks), they can queue.

Brand new players can queue with players who are ranked Gold 3 or below. For more info, check out: Rocket League Party Skill and Matchmaking.

This feature does not take Rank Divisions into account. For more info, check out: What Are Rocket League Competitive Ranks?

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