Where Can I Find a Rocket League Crash Course?

You are in the right place! Read our Rocket League Crash Course Pro Tips below.

You can also check out our Rocket League 101 video series for even more Pro Tips.

Gameplay Pro Tips

  • Jump higher by holding down Jump
  • Use Air Roll when falling to land cleanly on your wheels
  • Tap or feather your Boost in the air to maintain altitude efficiently
  • Dodge forward to gain speed without using your Boost
  • The ball bounces softer off your car’s wheels
  • Dodge into the ball at the last moment before impact for extra power in your shots
  • Holding Jump and Boost at the same time is the quickest way to gain aerial altitude
  • Use Handbrake to turn more quickly than normal

Chat and Friends Pro Tips

  • Tired of trash talk? Change your Text Chat settings to "Team Only" in the Options Menu
  • Get creative with a variety of custom Quick Chat options in the Chat section of the Options Menu
  • Make it easier to tell friends from foes with the Nameplate Mode: Default in the Settings menu.

Customization Pro Tips

  • Use the Equip to Blue and Equip to Orange buttons in the Garage to customize your car differently per team
  • You can create multiple Car Presets in the Garage to quickly switch between your favorite looks

Training Pro Tips

  • Free Play Training is a great place to warm up while you search for an online game
  • You can build your own practice drills in the Custom Training Menu
  • Check out the Custom Training Menu to develop your skills using drills created by community members

Game Settings Pro Tips

  • Gain a wider view of the field by increasing your Camera FOV setting in the Settings Menu
  • If you prefer a smoother experience, try toggling off the Camera Shake setting in the Settings Menu
  • You can re-bind almost any button in the game in the Controls section of the Settings Menu
  • The Controller Deadzone option lets you make your steering and aerial controls sensitive
  • Reduce how far your camera zooms out when hitting supersonic speeds by increasing Camera Stiffness in the Settings Menu

Replay Pro Tips

  • Make sure to save a replay of an awesome moment by holding the Replay Auto-Save button
  • Check out all your saved Replays in the Profile section of the Main Menu

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