What are Special Edition Items in Rocket League?

Special Edition is a unique attribute for items in Rocket League. Some Special Edition types include Infinite, Holographic, Inverted, Remixed, and more! Some Special Edition items also include animations.

Here are some examples of Special Edition types:

  • Infinite: Adds an infinite depth with a mirror-like effect
    • DRN Wheels (Forest Green)

  • Holographic: Adds a transparent or translucent effect
    • Galvan Wheels (Pink)

  • Inverted: Changes design elements to matte black
    • Dimonix Wheels (Purple)

  • Remixed: A different take on the same general design
    • Polaris Wheels (Titanium White)

  • Radiant: Adds a radiant of light effect to the wheels
    • X-Tempo: Wheels

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