What are Fan Rewards for Rocket League?

What are Fan Rewards?

Fan Rewards are Limited Items that players can get by watching select Rocket League streams on Twitch.

Who can participate in Twitch Fan Rewards?

Players over the age of 13 can link to Twitch accounts and participate in Twitch Fan Rewards.

How Do I Start Earning Fan Rewards?

Earning Fan Rewards is as simple as linking your Twitch account to your Rocket League account of choice. Then, tune into official Rocket League streams to receive Fan Rewards throughout the event! Rewards will be granted to your Primary Account. Visit Rocket League Accounts Page to verify or change your Primary Account.

How Do I Sign Up For Fan Rewards?

To sign up for Fan Rewards, check out: How Do I Sign Up for Fan Rewards?

How Do I Continue to Earn Fan Rewards?

Fan Rewards are time-based. Each Fan Reward campaign will require a certain amount of watch time before the Fan Reward is earned. Make sure to track your progress in the Twitch account panel!

How Do I Know If I Earned A Fan Reward While Watching An Official Rocket League Broadcast?

You will receive a notification on Twitch when you receive a Fan Reward. The notification will tell you what Fan Reward Suite you received. The item will be added to the Inventory of your primary account the next time you log into that platform.

What Broadcasts Have Fan Rewards Enabled?

Official RLCS and CRL broadcasts will have Fan Rewards on:

Are Fan Rewards Tradable?

Yes! Fan Rewards are tradable to other players.

Can I Unlink My Fan Rewards Account?

Yes, follow the steps below to unlink your Fan Rewards:

  1. Open your Epic Games Account settings with the button at the bottom of the page
  2. Select the Apps and Accounts tab on the left panel
  3. Select Accounts at the top of the page
  4. Select Remove under Twitch

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