What is Knockout LTM in Rocket League?

Knockout is a new LTM in Rocket League that involves player-to-player combat played on Custom Arenas.

Knockout is an eight-player game mode where players have three lives at the start of the match. The objective of the mode is to knock players on the opposing team off of the platform, or destroy them using special areas of the Arena. The last remaining player is the winner.

How to Win

Eliminate all other opponents to be the last player standing!

Basic Rules

  • Last player alive wins
    • Knock opposing players off of the platform or into spikes to score a Knockout
  • Respawns are limited to 3
  • Attack by dodging into other players
    • The faster you go, the farther they fly!
    • Attacks counter grabs, but loses to shield
  • Block by using backward dodge
    • Block counters attacks, but loses to grabs
  • Grab by jumping, then holding L2/LT while dodging
    • Dodge again to throw the player in the direction of your dodge
    • Grab counters grab, but loses to attack
    • If another player grabs you, press Square (PlayStation)/X (Xbox)/Left Shift (KBM) to get out sooner
  • Safezones
    • Players who stay outside of the Safezone for more than 10 seconds will be demolished
    • Throughout the game, the Safezone will shrink and being knocked out of the Safezone causes an instant KO

For more info, check out: Smash Into Spring with Knockout Bash

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