How to change your Epic Games display name

If you are a child and your parent hasn't helped you set up your account, you may have a Cabined Account with different features. Visit this page if you think you might have a Cabined Account to learn more.

What is an Epic Games display name?

Your Epic Games display name is the name that appears on your account on the Epic Games Launcher, our official forum, AnswerHub, and when you play any of our games on PC/Mac, Switch, or mobile.

If you’ve only played on console (PSN, Xbox, or Switch) and you want to create a display name for your Epic Games account, you will need to upgrade your account to a full Epic Games account. You can find instructions on how to do that here.
Note: You can change your display name once every two weeks.

See What are the rules for creating my display name? for more information on what names will be accepted.

Why is my display name different when playing on a console?

Changing your Epic Games display name will not affect your PSN or Xbox gamertags/display names, which means that your in-game display name may be different depending on the console platform you're playing on.

To change your PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag, you will need to update it directly on the platform website:

How to change your Epic Games display name

Your email address must be verified before you can change your display name. Go here to learn how to verify it, if you haven't done so.

  1. Visit your ACCOUNT SETTINGS page.
  2. In the box labeled DISPLAY NAME, enter your desired new display name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE CHANGES.

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