Rocket League Competitive Tournaments

Competitive Tournaments offer a different way to compete. Competitive Tournaments is a Ranked mode that pits you against teams of similar skill to earn rewards. Players can join every scheduled Tournament each week. There's no limit to how many Tournaments you may join.

Tournament Credits are earned by playing in Competitive Tournaments. These Credits can be used to purchase exclusive Tournament Items. The Credits cannot be purchased and must be earned.

Competitive Tournaments are 32-team, single-elimination brackets based on each team's skill. Teams play one match each round until the Semifinals and Finals, which are best of three. Teams that lose the first round (or show up after the Tournament start time) can join a Second Chance bracket for another try at victory.

Competitive Tournaments are 2v2, 3v3, and support parties or solo players. In mixed-rank parties, the highest skilled player is considered the base. If two Platinum II players team up with a Diamond I player, that team will be entered into a Diamond Tournament.

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Tournaments rely on all teams finishing their games in a timely manner so matches have a hard endpoint. Matches cannot go over 11 total minutes. This includes time spent for kickoffs and replays. If the game is tied, the team with the most shots wins. If the number of shots is the same, then the winner will be decided by a coin flip.

Registration is open for everyone! You can register as an incomplete team, a full team, or by yourself. Once registered, you will receive a notification when the Tournament is about to start.

Ready to get started?

  1. Open Rocket League.
  2. Select Play from the Main Menu.
  3. Select Tournaments.
  4. Select your Play Window.

Note: Steam Family Sharing access can't be used to play Competitive Tournaments.

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