Getting started in Fortnite Festival Jam Stage

This guide provides useful information and navigational tips to help you get started with Fortnite Festival Jam Stage.

Accessing Fortnite Festival Jam Stage

To get into Fortnite Festival Jam Stage, select the Fortnite Festival Main Stage tile on the main menu. Before you ready up, be sure to check your equipped Jam Tracks in your Locker!

Game optimization

Optimizing your game is an important step in your initial setup. Optimizing your audio, video, and input will help make sure you have the best playing experience.

You will be guided to optimize your game on your first launch. You will also be able to access these settings again by visiting the Stage Tech in the main lobby

Jam Tracks and Jams Loops

Jam Loops are loops you can use in Fortnite Festival Jam Stage. Mix and match with your party to create some fun and creative mashups! Jam Loops can also be used in Battle Royale.

You can play the Lead loop, Drum loop, Vox (Vocals) loop, or Bass loop of any Jam Track in your Locker. You can play up to four different Jams at the same time within your band. Use the tempo, key, and major/minor settings to adjust your mashup.

To equip these, make sure you have your Jam Tracks equipped in your Locker. Once equipped, you'll have access to their Jam Loops from the Emote menu. You can unlock more Jam Tracks by progressing in each Season’s Pass. Jam Tracks are also available in the Item Shop for V-Bucks.

Ready up

Once you have your Jam Tracks equipped, hold the Ready button to start jamming with your friends. You can party with three others, with a maximum party size of four. Have fun!

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