Getting started in Fortnite Festival Main Stage

This guide provides useful information and navigational tips to help you get started with Fortnite Festival Main Stage.

Accessing Fortnite Festival Main Stage

To access Fortnite Festival Main Stage, select the Fortnite Festival Main Stage tile on the main menu. Check your party settings, and ready up.

Game optimization

Optimizing your game is an important step in your initial setup. Optimizing your audio, video, and input will help make sure you have the best playing experience.

On your first launch, you will be guided to optimize your game. You can also access these settings again by visiting the Stage Tech backstage.

Default key bindings

Default key bindings will vary depending on the input device you are using.

  • For example: A PlayStation controller’s default bindings are Left, Right, Square, Triangle, and Circle. Using KBM (keyboard/mouse) will have different bindings.

You can change these key bindings in your Controller or Keyboard Settings in the Settings menu

Selecting an instrument

You can select an instrument by using the button at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also select a different instrument between songs during a set.

You can unlock new instrument cosmetics as you progress through the Festival Season Pass.

Additionally, you can head over to the Item Shop to check out some other Instruments that are available for purchase. For more info on this new cosmetic type, check out: What are instruments in Fortnite Festival?

Selecting a difficulty

You can select your difficulty in the bottom right corner while you’re in the main lobby. You can also change your difficulty level between songs in case you’re more comfortable on one instrument versus the other.

Difficulty levels will vary between songs and between instruments. For example, there will be different difficulty levels for Drums and Lead for the same Jam Track.

Jam Tracks

Jam Tracks are songs you can perform on Fortnite Festival Main Stage. To add a Jam Track to your setlist, head over to the organ in the center of the room. From here, you can browse through rotating Jam Tracks and add them to your setlist. You can purchase a Jam Track in the Item Shop for V-bucks if you want to add it to your collection.

You’ll also be able to view leaderboards, check out your friends’ scores, and see global scores. For more info, see What are leaderboards in Fortnite Festival?

You can unlock more songs by progressing in each season’s pass. Keep an eye out for different songs as the shop rotates!

Ready Up

Once you or your party have your setlist ready, instruments selected, and difficulty levels picked, hold the ready button to jump in! Perform your best and try to fill up your Star Meter as much as possible to help you complete Festival Quests.

Now that you’ve learned the basics, you’re ready to get on the Main Stage. Have fun!

For more information, check out: Take your stage in Fortnite Festival

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