What is Fortnite Festival?

Fortnite Festival is a new music-driven, rhythm-based game, and Epic experience. Fortnite Festival is playable as two unique experiences: Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Fortnite Festival Jam Stage. In both modes, players can party up with 3 others (max 4).

In Fortnite Festival Main Stage, players can party up and play through a licensed soundtrack of some global hits and Fortnite originals. Select your control method (instrument) of choice, set your difficulty level, and ready up!

In Fortnite Jam Stage, create your own unique mash-ups with your friends, using Jam Loops, key selections, and even tempo.

Fortnite Festival will feature its Opening Night Festival Pass, where players can unlock free and premium cosmetics. Festival Pass levels are available for V-bucks after upgrading the Festival Pass.

For more details information on Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Jam Stage, check out:

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