How can I refund an item without using a cosmetic refund token?

Occasionally, we release an item to our Item Shop that has an issue, and players may be offered a tokenless refund on their item purchase.

A tokenless refund lets you return an item and have your V-Bucks returned to you without consuming one of your three-lifetime cosmetic refund tokens. This also allows you to return the eligible item even if you do not have any tokens available.

Tokenless refunds are not available by request and are only available for specific items. If an item you purchased is eligible for a tokenless refund, you’ll be able to return the item and have the V-Bucks spent returned to you, without using any of your return tokens. 

If you’re eligible to perform a tokenless refund, you can follow the same steps as you would for a standard refund and no token will be removed:

  1. Go to the Account And Privacy settings page, in-game.
  2. Click Submit a Request. This will bring up a list of all of the items you purchased in-game within the past 30 days.  
  3. Find and select the item you want to return.
  4. Next, select the reason you want to return the item. This will bring you to a summary screen where you can submit your request.
  5. Click Submit Return Request.
  6. A final confirmation screen will pop up warning you that you only have three-lifetime return requests. Note: If the item is a tokenless refund a refund token will not be used.
  7. If you are sure that you want to proceed, click Yes.
  8. You will then see the Return Request Approved screen, which will tell you how many V-Bucks have been credited to your account.
    Note: This action cannot be undone once you click Yes.
  9. Click OK to return to the Account And Privacy settings page.

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