How do I get more V-Bucks in Save the World?

Note: Earning V-Bucks in Save the World is exclusive to Early Access Founders. Early Access ended June 29, 2020.

You can get V-Bucks for just logging into the game, completing a variety of quests, or by purchasing them directly.

Earn V-Bucks by simply logging in:

A simple way to earn V-Bucks is our Daily login rewards. Every day that you log in you’ll receive rewards, and sometimes get a small amount of V-Bucks that can really add up over time!

Earn V-Bucks by playing the game!

Founders can earn V-Bucks by completing a variety of quests including some daily quests and Storm Shield Defense missions. Some challenges will also reward Founders with V-Bucks when completing them.

Quests and challenges will display their rewards, so check out the rewards under the QUESTS tab in game.

Note: Non-Founders will earn X-Ray tickets in place of V-Bucks. These X-Ray Tickets can be used to purchase X-Ray Llamas from the Llama Shop Tab.

To purchase V-Bucks in-game:

  1.  Navigate to the STORE tab.
  2. Select the amount of V-Bucks that you want.
  3. Click Purchase to go to your platform’s check-out system.
  4. From there, complete and place your order.

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