I am located in Russia and my Support-A-Creator affiliate account has been disabled - What happens now?

Epic has stopped commerce with Russia in our games as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This includes the Support-A-Creator affiliate program. 

For creators in Russia, Support-A-Creator program affiliate membership is now disabled across Epic products. Your creator code remains reserved so that no one else can claim it. You can continue to host games via custom matchmaking in Fortnite. And you can still create and publish islands using Fortnite Creative.

If you had not reached the path to payout eligibility, your account balance was reset. Accounts with payments pending will be paid once Epic’s payment service provider is able to complete payment in accordance with applicable law. 

Additionally, new Support-A-Creator applications from creators based in Russia are not currently being approved. However, in the near future we will provide an alternative application option for creators in Russia to re-enter the program with commerce disabled.  Please continue to check the Support-A-Creator FAQ page for updates.

If you have questions or if you are no longer residing in Russia, please reach out to Epic Player Support using “INQUIRY ON RU SAC DISABLE” in the description.

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