How do I fix connection issues so I can use the Epic Games Launcher and Fortnite?

We understand that connection issues are common and we’re here to help. Below are common things that you can do to resolve the most common networking issues.
  1. Reboot your router and modem.

    NOTE: Make sure to leave your modem unplugged for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

  2. Disabling background applications.

    Software may cause conflicts with our products. Disabling your firewall, antivirus, or any other network related software could resolve your connection issue. If you continue to have connection issues please re-enable the software and try the steps here.

  3. Disable any proxy server you’re running. Please visit this article for steps on how to do this.

  4. Ensure that ports 80, 433, 443, 3478, 3479, 5060, 5062, 6250, and 12000-65000 are unblocked.

    • For Windows:
      1. Click on Start.
      2. Type Control Panel.
      3. Click Control Panel.
      4. Click on System and Security.
      5. Click on Windows Firewall.
      6. Select Advanced settings and click on Inbound Rules in the left pane.
      7. Right-click Inbound Rules and select New Rule.
      8. Add all the above ports and click Next.
      9. Add the protocol (TCP or UDP) and the port number into the next window and click Next.
      10. Select Allow the connection in the next window and hit Next.
      11. Select the network type as you see fit and click Next.
      12. Name the rule something meaningful (i.e. Epic Games Launcher) and click Finish.

    • For Mac:
      1. Open System Preferences.
      2. Open Security & Privacy.
      3. Open Firewall.
      4. Open Firewall Options.
      5. Click Add.
      6. Choose an application from the Applications folder and click Add.
      7. Ensure that the option next to the application is set to Allow incoming connections.
      8. Click OK.

  5. Switch your DNS Server by visiting the links below:

If none of the above solutions work, click Contact Us to submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help you further. If you have a current open ticket, let us know you’re still having issues.

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