Spyjinx Agents - An Overview

Image showing the main screen for a Spyjinx Agent


Agents are the key component of your Spyjinx team. They come in various levels of rarity; Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.

Stars give multipliers to stats, more stars equal a more powerful agent to complete missions. 

Image Showing a Spyjinx Agent's Skills



The Skills tab tells you what the agents' skills are in the lead position, what kind of specialist they are, and what their skill is when in a backup position.

  • Ranger - (On swap) Damage a group of enemies with a barrage of bullets
  • Thief - (On swap) Damage with a spinning staff attack, followed by a second attack if the first kills an enemy
  • Brawler - (On swap) Damage one enemy with a devastating punch combo
  • Hacker - (On swap) Damage a group of enemies with an EMP blast
  • Ninja - (On swap) Damage one enemy with a deadly sword strike
  • Spy - (on swap) Damage with a quick knife slash, followed by a second attack if the first takes out an enemy

Image from in-game with a Spyjinx Agent announcing "My Swap Attack beats big guys, fast!"

Specialist Types: 

  • Combat Specialist - Has a chance to defeat an enemy with one hit
  • Combat Specialist - Deals extra damage to defending agents in the command room 
  • Stealing Specialist - Can use energy to hack code in the Vault room 
  • Stealing Specialist - Can use energy to detect fingerprints on code buttons
  • Rifle Support - Strongest ranged damage when in a support position
  • Intel Specialist - Searching a room gives intel on the distance to the hidden McGuffin room


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Image showing the Agent 'Manage' tab 


In the 'Manage' tab you will find the opportunity to make the agent your Avatar or Retire the agent. Retiring the agent will give you a token specific to that agent type. Tokens are used to promote Agents. Be warned, Retiring agents is final and irreversible so choose wisely!

Understanding the Agent screen

  • Jinx - This is the amount of Jinx the agent adds to your overall rating 
  • Health - The amount of health an agent has. Generally, Brawlers have more health than the other agent types.
  • Melee - The agent's Melee strength in the lead position 
  • Ranged - The agents ranged strength in a support position
  • Stars - Completing agent quests give progress toward a star. Each star increases the overall stats for the agent 

Upgrading Agents  

Upgrading costs XP which is earned during missions. Upgrading increases the agents' level which in turn increases their Jinx, health, melee and ranged stats. Agents can also be upgraded with tokens. Tokens are earned when completing agent-specific challenges and when retiring an agent. 


Agent Specific Quests

Image showing a Spyjinx Agent quest


Each agent has 1 or more quests running at a time. Completing quests goes toward upgrading them and progress toward achieving stars. After completing a quest the agent needs to be leveled up in order to receive a new quest. Otherwise, you can swap in a different agent into the team in order to complete their quests.

Image showing the overall screen for active Spyjinx Agents' quests 


Complete Agent Challenges to earn Medals. Earn Medals to upgrade the Command Center!

Image of a Spyjinx Agent looking pleased with himself and the text "Challenge Complete" 


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