Spyjinx FAQ by Iris!

Marvelous Masterminds and Prodigious Prospects alike,

Hiya--Iris here! I’ve gotten to learn SO much about each and every one of you--yes, even you, Prospects🌝! And boy, I just can’t WAIT to see everything you all do in the field! There is SO much exciting stuff to see and do in 💟”SPYJINX”💟--but it can be a lot to take in when you’re first starting, which is why I’m here to help! To make sure you’re prepared for all the adventures ahead, below I’ve put answers to the most common questions I get from new recruits 🌍 ! 

What is SPYJINX?

  • SPYJINX is a game--but really, it’s so much more than that! It’s a proving ground full of thrilling heists, mind-bending challenges, and awesome artifacts where you get your chance to become the Ultimate Spy Mastermind! Yay!!💖💖⛿!



Which iOS devices are compatible with Spyjinx?

  • We currently support devices compatible with iOS 11 and up! So, you can access SPYJINX with ANY of these devices🍎🍏:

      iPhone 6s/6s+ and up

      iPad Pro 1 and up

      iPad Air 2 and up

      iPad Mini 4 and up


Which Android devices are compatible with Spyjinx?

  • Unfortunately, we’re only initiating Soft Launch for iOS devices. But we’ll send out an encrypted notification courier (disguised as a regular email) if this changes! To get updates on this and other important stuff, sign up to get alerts on www.spyjinx.com 


Is voice chat available on Mobile devices?

  • If by “voice chat” you mean “talk with your fellow Masterminds through our encrypted communication channels on Discord”, then HECK yeah! ⚡

  • You can also join other Masterminds and Prospects alike to discuss all the latest SPYJINX-related intel through 📢our secured threads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit!


What happens to my progress during Soft Launch?

  • Currently, we have no plans to wipe Mastermind progress during Soft Launch. But if this changes, we’ll let you know! Well, so long as you sign up for alerts, that is. To sign up for those, head on over to our top-secret website📛: www.spyjinx.com ⛿

Does Spyjinx require an online connection?

  • Yep!📡📟🔮

What languages does Spyjinx support?

  • Right now, we’ve only translated SPYJINX and its services into English. But we’re working hard to add more languages ASAP! ¡Perdón por el retraso!📯

Are Bluetooth controllers supported on Mobile devices?

  • NOPE!⛿ Unfortunately, you’ll have to do things the old-fashioned way: by using the glass touchscreen on your hand computer. 🐑


How can I get help from the Mastermind Support team when I have issues?

  • If you have any problems, reach out to the Mastermind Support Team! They’re the best, and they’ll be able to help if you encounter any issues. You can reach them at spyjinxhelp@epicgames.com or visit the Support Center to brief a MST Agent directly💁.

Does Spyjinx support mouse + keyboard on Mobile devices?

  • Not yet!🌋

Does Spyjinx support jailbroken devices?

  • Due to an emergency addendum passed in ‘04 (what I like to call “the Great Rebootening”), we unfortunately cannot support jailbroken devices.🚀

Can I use an emulator to play Spyjinx?

  • Sorry, Mastermind! No dice🎲❌. Also, no emulators. 🎩

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