Battle Breakers: Skybreaker Quests Overview

The Skybreaker Quest system gives you a unique way to acquire heroes in Battle Breakers. Collect Core Hero Traces to guide your airship across a series of islands where you can find trapped heroes and resources. Each location offers a set of heroes to choose from. As your Skybreaker moves through the islands, you can see increasing amounts of information about the choices ahead of you and the details of those heroes. You can preview all hero information before making a decision.

You can see your current location and preview details of the next two available locations:

The final node of each map is a rare node that requires more Core Hero Traces to unlock and provides stronger heroes.

As you progress through the islands, you will eventually find item locations. These areas let you choose from a set of items instead of a set of heroes.

After visiting all possible islands, you will loop back to the start and have the option to pick heroes you skipped or claim duplicates.

The final resource in Skybreaker Quests is the Proximity Locator. This item can be used to acquire low rarity heroes to sell or add to your monster pit. These items are commonly found as rewards for playing.

Note: Skybreaker Quests are the same for all players and completely random. You can share information with other players about nodes that are beyond the current visibility of their Skybreaker!