How to report bad player behavior in Fortnite

We want to provide a safe and fun environment for players in Fortnite. To help maintain this, you can report bad player behavior in-game or from voice chat.

We also understand how frustrating and worrying this can be. In addition to reporting with our in-game options, you can contact local authorities that handle these kinds of situations.

  1. In-game, click the menu icon. If you’re already in a match, you can:
    • On PC/Mac, press Esc.
    • On PlayStation, press the Options
    • On Xbox, press the Menu
    • On Switch, press the +
  2. Click the hamburger menu (3 lines)
  3. Select REPORTING
  5. Choose Report Player
  6. Select the reason you want to report the player
  7. Select the player's name you wish to report. You can also click and check the option to block the reported player
  8. Click ACCEPT to send the report

You can also find the REPORT PLAYER button on the in-game profile pages of players you’ve recently played with or from the voice channel players list. To report a player:

  1. On a player’s profile page, select MORE OPTIONS
  2. Select REPORT and then choose YES
  3. Select the reason you want to report the player
  4. Click ACCEPT

Your submission may help us determine whether any action is warranted based on our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

How do I report inappropriate conduct in voice chat?

Follow these steps to report a conversation while you’re in a Party or Game Channel with voice reporting on:

  1. Open the Sidebar.
  2. Navigate to the voice chat tab.
    If you’re in a match, you will be automatically directed to the voice chat tab.
  3. Press the Report Conversation button.
  4. Wait for the report to load.
  5. Press the Submit button.
  6. Close the screen.
  7. Return to your game.