How do i fix controller input lag in Fortnite?

The following troubleshooting steps may help reduce controller input lag:


Make sure your controller drivers are up-to-date. First, try updating with Windows Update:

  1. Press the Windows key on your PC.
  2. In the search field type: Update
  3. Select Check for Updates.

You can also visit your controller manufacturer's website to check for the most current drivers.

Wireless Controllers

If your controller is wireless, make sure you're using the 2.4GHz connection protocol and not Bluetooth. 2.4GHz is more stable and has less latency. To do this, refer to your controller's user manual or help website.

Wireless Polling Rate

If your controller is wireless and your device allows it, try increasing the refresh polling rate. You'll typically find an option to modify the polling rate in the controller app. Set the polling to the highest rate possible to reduce latency.

Wireless Mouse

If your mouse is wireless, try using the controller's dongle instead of Bluetooth. Connecting with the dongle is much faster and more stable than Bluetooth.

If this doesn't reduce latency, please contact your controller manufacturer for further support.