Battle Breakers: Hero Classes

Heroes are grouped under 16 different classes; this helps identify their stat distribution and purpose in battle. 

Archer - This hero is a single target damage dealer with a high offensive power.

Assassin - Although not a highly defensive hero. Assassins require protection from other heroes, some can disrupt enemies in addition to dealing high amounts of damage.

Blademaster - A Blademaster will attack quickly and have high reflex attack chance. 

Cleric - One of the main heroes to have in a roster, able to heal or ressurect their allies. 

Dragon Knight - This hero is a tactical attacker with access to every combo attack. 

Holy Knight - A strong class hero with either single target burst or healing spells.

Knight - When acting as commanders, knights can reduce all of the damage to the team. 

Mage - This class specializes in damage and control spells.

Mage Knight - The Mage Knight is a spellcasting hero, similar to the Holy Knight except their spells are their primary form of offense to deal damage.

Martial Artist - A front-line fighter with a high dodge ratio and counter-attack reflex skills, allowing them to recover a victory from near defeat.

Ninja - This class is the fastest attacker, focused on sustained damage, disruption and double strikes.

Shadow Knight - Spike damage dealers. Specialized in draining the life and power from their enemies to support their melee attacks.

Spellsword - This hero is a melee fighter enhanced by magical powers.

Treasure Hunter - Capable of manipulating the environment, they’re able to travel across levels and reveal terrain.

Warmage - Offensive spellcaster, equipped with light armor to help them survive more hits. 

Warrior - The balanced hero, skilled in damage reduction, attacking and survival.

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