What is the Darkfire bundle and how can I get it?

The Darkfire bundle is a collection of cosmetic items for Fortnite that is available for a limited time both online and at select retailers. It can only be redeemed once, either physically or digitally. If the retail bundle has been redeemed, the digital offer will no longer be purchasable.

What does the Darkfire bundle include?

The Darkfire bundle includes legendary outfits and back blings, epic wraps and rare dual pickaxes. The Darkfire bundle also includes an emote for use in Battle Royale or Creative.
  • Dark Power Chord Outfit
  • Dark Six String Back Bling
  • Molten Omen Outfit
  • Molten Battle Shroud Back Bling
  • Shadow Ark OutfitShadow Ark Wings Back Bling
  • Dark, Molten & Shadow Strikers Pickaxes
  • Dark, Molten & Shadow Angular Shift Wraps
  • Unification Emote