Why did I get charged twice for my Fortnite Crew Subscription on Xbox?

If you find you have been charged twice for your Fortnite Crew subscription through Xbox, there’s a high probability that you have subscribed twice, meaning your subscription will be valid for 2 months instead of one.

Microsoft allows players to purchase more than one Fortnite Crew subscription at a time. Each time you purchase, the subscription will extend for a month, up to a maximum of 10.

If you subscribed for two months (or more) unintentionally you can reach out to Xbox support at https://support.xbox.com and request a refund.

Note: If you have subscribed for multiple months, we advise you to cancel and refund all active Fortnite Crew subscriptions and then resubscribe again. When you refund the Fortnite Crew subscription, the relevant content will be removed from your account.