What are Challenges in Rocket League?

Put your skill to the test with in-game Challenges! Earn customization items, XP, and Drops. The Challenge system features Weekly, Season, and Event challenges.

You can track your Challenge progress and claim your rewards in the Challenge widget.

To open the widget, do the following:

  1. Open Rocket League
  2. Select the Challenge widget, located to the right of the menu

Why did a match not count towards my Challenge progress?

There is a minimum match time threshold that must be reached in order to make progress on Challenges. This threshold is in place to encourage players to stay in matches.

Weekly Challenges

Players get three weekly challenges that reset every Wednesday. Your weekly challenges need to be completed during the week they are active.

Rocket Pass Premium users will get an additional three Weekly challenges, for a total of six challenges.

Season Challenges

Season Challenges last the entire season. These take longer to complete but give even better rewards! Some Season Challenges are available when the season starts, others will be added as the season continues.

Rocket League Premium users get twice as many Season Challenges to complete.

Event Challenges

To unlock the items from an event, you'll need to complete Event Challenges. Each Event Challenge you complete will grant a specific Event Item once you claim it from the Challenges Menu.

New Driver Challenges

New Driver Challenges are designed for players new to Rocket League. They are only visible to new players who started after Rocket League went Free to Play.