Infinity Blade II

The Adventure Continues. From Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment comes Infinity Blade II, the sequel to the critically acclaimed, best-selling iOS game Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade II continues to raise the bar for triple-A mobile gaming. Journey into the world of the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. Build skills and upgrade characters; all while delving deeper into this mysterious, timeless adventure.

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Available for:

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5,
iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod Touch 3rd, 4th and 5th Gen (16GB+),
iPad 1, iPad 2, the New iPad, iPad Mini


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From Epic Games' award-winning studio, ChAIR Entertainment, comes Infinity Blade II, the sequel to the best-selling sword fighting action game developed exclusively for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Powered by Epic’s cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3 technology, Infinity Blade II takes handheld gaming to even greater heights with stunning visuals, new combat styles, and advanced character customization in a beautiful, fully 3D world.


The God King has been defeated, an unlikely hero has emerged and now you must discover the truth behind the secrets of the Infinity Blade. The continuing journey of young Siris unfolds as you delve deeper into the world of the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. Can you unlock all the mysteries and successfully wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless sword fighting adventure of champions and villains?

  1. Enemy's Health
  2. Player's Health
  3. Enemy Stunned Symbol
  4. Pause Button (Menu)
  5. Block Button / Meter
  6. Dodge Left Button / Meter
  7. Dodge Right Button / Meter
  8. Magic Casting Button / Meter
  9. Super Attack Button / Meter

Infinity Blade II features intuitive touch-screen controls designed specifically for iOS Devices. To engage an enemy in combat, then touch on the round pulsing icon overlaid on them - the opponents will approach one another, and combat will begin!

Infinity Blade II features three unique combat styles, depending on which weapon type you currently have equipped: Swords & Shields, Dual Weapons, or Heavy Weapons.  Each combat style has distinct advantages and unique capabilities – try them all!

  • Sword & Shield - the most well-rounded of the three, offering good speed and decent power, and good protection against enemy attacks.
  • Dual Weapons - this style offers greater speed than either of the other two, and the ability to land double blows with twin weapons.
  • Heavy Weapons - this style is slow than the other two, but offers greater attack power when landing blows and the capability to block with the weapon itself.
  • Slashing - To attack with your sword, dual weapon, or heavy weapon, swipe your finger on the screen the direction you wish to attack.
  • Parrying - Parrying an enemy’s weapon attack requires timing and direction. Perform a swipe attack just before the Titan’s attack is going to hit you, and make sure to swipe in line with the direction of the Titan’s attack.
  • Clashing - When a parry is successful, it will sometimes lead to a sword clash - touch the screen repeatedly to push the enemy away, stunning them in the process and leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  • Blocking - You can block attacks by holding the block icon at the bottom center of the screen.
    • Sword & Shield – Shields lose their strength after repeated blows - even the strongest shield will eventually crack and no longer protect you. Blocking an elemental attack requires the correct elemental shield blocker (see Elemental Weapon Modifiers, below), otherwise you will block the blow but still take elemental damage. Shields are repaired between battles.
    • Dual Weapons – When equipped with dual weapons, you cannot block – touch the center icon will make you duck instead. Time it just right!
    • Heavy Weapons – Heavy weapons can be used block attacks by touching the block button, or one of the two dodge buttons.
  • Dodging - Many attacks can be avoided by dodging them – touch the dodge icons (arrows) on the bottom left and bottom right to dodge that direction. Not all attacks can be dodged.
    • Sword & Shield – Look for indicators from your enemies to determine the correct direction and timing to dodge, since the knight will return to his original position after a moment (you can also hold icons for extra dodge time).
    • Dual Weapons – You can dodge using either of the arrow buttons, faster than a sword and shield dodge.
    • Heavy Weapons – When using heavy weapons, you cannot dodge – Heavy weapons can be used block attacks (instead of dodging) by touching the two side buttons. Make sure you block the correct direction!
  • Stabbing - Occasionally a round pulsing icon will appear on enemies, which shows they are vulnerable to a stab attack. Touch in the icon to stab the enemy in that location - sometimes two or more stab attacks can be chained together for extra damage. Stab attacks frequently occur after sword clashes.
    • Sword & Shield – Special attack is strike points, which allows for a sequence of precision stabs against an enemy.
    • Dual Weapons – Special strike is multiple stab points, which deliver lightning-fast stabs against an opponent.
    • Heavy Weapons – Special strike is slashes, which deliver punishing blows when you line them up with the on-screen guides.
  • Combo Chains - Chain together attacks in different swipe directions for special combo moves.
    • Left, Right, Left = Huge Hit (Does the most damage you can in a 3 hit window)
    • Left, Left, Right, Right = Mega Hit (Does the most damage you can in a 4 hit window)
    • Left, Right, Up, Down, Left = Ultra Hit (Best, this does the most damage you can in a 5 or greater hit window)
IB2_Potions.gif Potions
Potions offer different types of regeneration and enhancements.
GoldBag.png Gold Bags
Bags of gold can be used to buy new weapons and items to make your character more powerful.
Chest.png Chests
Treasure chests contain weapons, gold, potions, or other items.  Some chests require keys to open.
IB2_Keys.gif Keys
Different keys are used to open various kinds of chests.
IB2_Gems.gif Gems
Gems can be embedded in your weapons and armor for enhanced capabilities.
IB2_Prizewheels.gif Prize Wheels
Prize wheels offer a random chance at weapons, items, gems, or gold. Spin the wheel and collect your prize!

IB2_Maps.gif Treasure Maps
Treasure Maps point to the location of hidden rewards. Once you obtain each map, find the location on the maps to reveal previously-hidden touch points. X marks the spot!
Infinity Blade II allows you to customize your player in a variety of different ways.

Touch the pause icon (top middle of screen) then touch the “Character” button to bring up the character Stat Screen.   Once you have gained enough XP to level up, you will earn Skill Points to add to your character’s Skill Stats, and increase your capabilities in combat.  To use your Skill points, touch the skill point icon (lower left) and then touch one of the four Skill Stat buttons (health, attack, shield, or magic) to add to that Skill.

From the character stats screen, you can touch “Items” to bring up a scrolling list of the items your character currently has available (Swords, Dual Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Shields, Magic Rings, Helmets, Armor, Supplies), see the level of mastery for each item, change your character’s equipped items, and use supplies. For any unequipped item, you can also touch the “Compare” button to compare its stats with the item that you have currently equipped. 

As you earn gold from combat rewards, discovering gold bags, selling items, or looting treasure chests, you can use it to purchase more powerful weapons and items. You can also purchase additional bags of gold via iTunes using in-App purchasing, if you wish to purchase more advanced items earlier in the game, by scrolling to the bottom of any list.

Many items have specific modifiers that given them special elemental abilities in combat. Some elementals are particularly useful against bosses who use their opposite elemental.
HudElemFire.png Fire
Fire damage
Strong against Ice
HudElemIce.png Ice
Cold damage
Strong against Fire
HudElemPoison.png Poison
Poisonous damage
Strong against Shock
HudElemElect.png Shock
Electric shock damage
Strong against Poison
HudElemWater.png Water
Water damage
Strong against Wind
HudElemWind.png Wind
Wind damage
Strong against Water
HudElemLight.png Light
Light magic damage
Strong against Dark Magic
HudElemDark.png Dark
Dark magic damage
Strong against Light Magic
HudElemRainbow.png Rainbow
Full spectrum damage
Many items have specific modifiers that will affect your characters abilities when you equip them.
AttribMagic.png Magic
Faster Magic Meter Charge
Additional magic power
AttribHealth.png Health
Additional health
AttribDamage.png Attack Damage
Additional damage per attack
AttribShield.png Shield
Additional blocking points
AttribStamina.png Stamina
Additional dodges
Many items in Infinity Blade II have slots for gems to be installed to modify their capabilities. You can enhance your weapons and armor on the Gem Upgrade screen, using various gems you find, win, or purchase. Simply drag a gem from your inventory over to the open slot of the same shape to install it. Removing a gem destroys it, though you can pay a fraction of the gem’s value to salvage it and install in a different item. Drag the gem over the sell button to sell it – you can only carry so many gems.

Different types of gems will modify the weapon or armor in various ways.
GemCircle.png.resized.png Round Gems - Stat Gems
Add points to player stats
GemDiamond.png.resized.png Diamond Gems - Perk Gems
Modify player with things like elemental defense and drop chance bonuses
GemHex.png.resized.png Hex Gems - Bonus Gems
Powerful abilities of various types (only goes in armor)
GemSquare.png.resized.png Square Gems - Elemental Attack Gems
Elemental attack gems (only goes in weap
GemUpsideTriange.png.resized.png Triangle Gems - Combat Gems
Abilities that trigger during battle with different effects (only goes in weapons)
You can also use the Gem Forge to create new kinds of gems.  On the Gem screen, select Gem Forge, and drag three unmounted gems into the forge. After some time, the gems will be forged into a newer, more powerful gem. (The forge continues to work even when you are not playing). You can also use in-game gold to speed up the forging process.
At the end of each battle, you will see the gold and items you have earned from combat.  As weapons and armor are used in battle, you will gain XP from them, until they are mastered.  Change to unmastered weapons to ensure maximum XP gain.
Jump into Infinity Blade 2: ClashMob, an innovative new gaming experience that allows you to earn rewards by participating in massively social, asynchronous global challenges. Each ClashMob is a challenge where you can use your single-player character to defeat Titans, do damage, or find gold bags. Your results will be added to the results of everyone else who plays the ClashMob, and if the ClashMob goals are met, everyone who successfully participated wins the reward.

Select ClashMob from the Pause Menu to login to your Facebook account and play. From the ClashMob Menu, you can select from the available ClashMobs, see upcoming ClashMobs, and claim your reward for ClashMobs which have successfully completed.


Once you login to Facebook, any friends that are also playing ClashMob will automatically be added to My Mob, your personal circle of ClashMob players, as will any Game Center friends who play Infinity Blade. The more people in your MyMob, the more perks you get, so get as many of your friends to play as possible for maximum rewards.

You can post your ClashMob progress to your Facebook wall and Twitter feed to recruit friends to your own “My Mob” to earn special perks, unlock new achievements, and gain rewards. You can also post individual ClashMob results as a call to action to get as many players as possible on each ClashMob and maximize the chance of success.

Note: The ClashMob social networking feature is free and optional and will require you to log-in via your Facebook account.


Restarting your game and NewGame+.

Restarting Your Game

If you decide to start the game over, the Options menu will allow you to restart Rebirth 1 but keep all your experience, gold and items you’ve collected. If you choose “Reset character” you will wipe your character profile, level and inventory, and start over from the beginning - this means you will lose any gold, items, or XP you have earned. (Gold obtained through in-app purchases will be retained).

New Game Plus

Once you have completed the entire storyline, and defeated the final enemy in the single-player game, you will be given the option to start a NewGame +. You will lose all you items and gold, but retain your Level and experience points (gold from in-App purchase is retained). This allows you to re-earn or re-purchase every item in the game all over again, and continue to earn XP through item mastery. New items also become available in the inventory in NewGame+ that were previously unavailable.

  • Character Slots – Change between character saves.
  • SFX Volume – Change the volume of the game’s sound effects.
  • Dodge Button Size – Change the size of the dodge buttons for ease of gameplay.
  • Invert Look Axis – If the vertical Camera controls don’t feel intuitive to your game style, check (or uncheck) the “Invert Look Axis” option.
  • Rename Character – Change the name on your character save file.
  • Show Credits – View the credits by the developers of Infinity Blade II.
  • Rate Infinity Blade II – Give Infinity Blade II your rating in iTunes.
  • Infinity Blade: Awakening – Preview the Infinity Blade eBook written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.
  • Infinity Blade I – Preview the game where the story begins
  • Restart Rebirth 1 – Start the game over but keep you character experience and all your inventory items and gold intact.
  • Reset Character – Wipe your character profile, experience and inventory, and start over from the beginning. (WARNING: This will delete all your inventory items, XP, and gold.)

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