Infinity Blade III

The blockbuster video game trilogy Infinity Blade reaches its epic conclusion in a thrilling story of honor, love, betrayal, and redemption. Siris and Isa have joined with the God-King Raidriar in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of Titans.

Infinity Blade III

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Available for:

iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c,
iPhone 5s, iPod Touch 4th and 5th Gen (16GB+), iPad 2, the New iPad, iPad Mini


Additional Features

Other Gameplay Highlights:

  • Dynamic Single-Player Campaign
  • Deep, Rich Story
  • New Fighting Styles and Weapon Classes
  • More Powerful Enemies
  • The Dragon, a Recurring Nemesis with Near Limitless Health
  • Interactive World Map
  • Deep Role-Playing Elements
  • Goals that Earn In-Game Rewards
  • Original Score and Customizable Music

Bonus Content:

  • Imagine Dragons Original Song “Monster”
  • Ben Hibon Animated Short “Infinity Blade: Origins”
  • Voice Talents of fan favorites John Noble and Troy Baker

Game Manual

From Epic Games’ award-winning studio, ChAIR Entertainment, comes Infinity Blade III, the final chapter in the best-selling sword fighting action game developed exclusively for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Powered by Epic’s cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3 technology, Infinity Blade III takes handheld gaming to even greater heights with stunning visuals, two playable characters, new ways to strengthen your fighters, and advanced character customization in a beautiful, fully 3D world.
The epic conclusion to the Infinity Blade saga! Siris and Isa have joined with the God King Raidriar in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of Deathless Titans. You are all that stands for humanity against an immortal god gone insane. Can you stop the Worker before it’s too late?

Infinity Blade III features intuitive touch-screen controls designed specifically for mobile devices. You’ll move through the environment, collect gold and other items, open treasure chests, and select enemies to fight by simply tapping on the screen. Full details on the controls for each part of Infinity Blade III are included in the sections below.
To avoid fatigue, take regular breaks during periods of extended play. To avoid numb leg, don’t play while sitting on the toilet for more than ten minutes at a time. The world is beautiful - look up every once in a while.
Gold, keys, ingredients, and treasure chests are spread across Infinity Blade III. Be sure to swipe left and right when in exploration mode to make sure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Player Health
  2. Alert - You’ve earned something new!
  3. Player money
  4. Player Chips
  5. Special Chests and Doors
  6. Move Forward/Fight Enemy
  7. Ingredient
  8. Unocked Treasure Chest
  9. Gold Bag
  10. Locked Chest
  11. Active Potion
  12. Info about enemy and your fighter
There are three types of treasure chests: Unlocked, locked, and special. Unlocked chests have a pulsing blue triangle over them and can be opened easily. Locked chests require a key. Green Chests are unlocked with Small keys, Yellow Chests with Medium keys, and Purple Chests with Large keys. Special treasure chests are unlocked similarly to special doors, which are explained below.
Special chests and doors are marked by a black triangle. These require specific items or skills to unlock and often hold valuable treasure. Tapping on the triangle icon reveals the required item or skill if you don’t yet have it. Otherwise, you tapping on the icon unlocks the special treasure or door.
Keep an eye out for bonus items sometimes hidden in the environment. Tapping on gold bags, keys, or ingredients adds them to your inventory. Ingredients can sometimes be found in the open, but are often inside small barrels.
In this section:
  1. Player’s Health
  2. Pause Button (Menu)
  3. Enemy’s Health
  4. Super Attack Button / Meter
  5. Magic Casting Button / Meter
  6. Dodge/Block Left Button / Meter
  7. Dodge/Block Button / Meter
  8. Dodge/Block Right Button / Meter

Infinity Blade III utilizes an innovative combat system designed specifically for mobile devices. Each combat encounter is a duel, with every Titan you face being a highly experienced fighter. Your goal is to block, parry, or dodge your opponent’s attacks until you break them, forcing them into a stunned state. Once your foe is dizzy, you can unleash a flurry of strikes.

Beware! Slashing at enemies before they are stunned results in scratches, which do minimal damage and can leave you vulnerable to counter-attacks.
Infinity Blade III features three unique combat styles, depending on which weapon type you currently have equipped: Light Weapons, Dual Weapons, or Heavy Weapons. Siris and Isa share the same styles, but have their own weapons, armor, shields, helmets and rings. Each combat style has distinct advantages and unique capabilities - try them all!

Light Weapons - The most well-rounded of the three, offering good speed and decent power, and good protection against enemy attacks (using your equipped shield).

Dual Weapons - This style offers greater speed than either of the other two, and the ability to land double blows with twin weapons. However, you cannot block with dual weapons.

Heavy Weapons - This style is slower than the other two, but offers greater attack power when landing blows and the capability to block with the weapon itself.

Slashing - To attack with your Light weapon, Dual weapon, or Heavy weapon, swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you wish to attack.

Parrying - Parrying an enemy’s weapon attack requires timing and direction. Perform a swipe attack just before the Titan’s attack is going to hit you, and make sure to swipe in line with (or opposite to) the direction of the Titan’s attack.

Clashing - When a parry is successful, it will sometimes lead to a sword clash. Tap the screen repeatedly to push the enemy away, stunning them in the process and leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Blocking - Each weapon class handles blocking differently. Shields lose their strength after repeated blows. Even the strongest shield will eventually crack and no longer protect you. Blocking an elemental attack requires the correct elemental shield blocker (see Elemental Weapon Modifiers, below), otherwise you will block the blow but still take elemental damage. Shields are fully repaired between battles.

  • Light Weapons – Hold the shield icon at the bottom center of the screen to continually block.
  • Dual Weapons – When equipped with dual weapons, you cannot block.
  • Heavy Weapons – When using a Heavy weapon, you can block to the left, middle, or right depending on the button you press. You will need to match the direction your opponent’s attack comes from in order to successfully block it.

Dodging - Many attacks can be avoided by dodging them. Touch the dodge icons (arrows) at the bottom of the screen to dodge in that direction. Look for indicators from your enemies to determine the correct direction and timing to dodge, since your character will return to his or her original position after a moment. You can also hold the dodge button for extra dodge time. Not all attacks can be dodged.

  • Light Weapons – Press the left or right dodge buttons to avoid an attack.
  • Dual Weapons – You dodge faster with Dual weapons equipped. You can dodge left or right using either of the arrow buttons. Pressing the center dodge button will make you duck with Siris and jump with Isa.
  • Heavy Weapons – When using heavy weapons, you cannot dodge. Your only options are to parry or block.

Stabbing - Occasionally a round pulsing icon appears over enemies, which shows they are vulnerable to a stab attack. Touch the icon to stab the enemy in that location. Sometimes two or more stab attacks can be chained together for extra damage.

Combo Chains - Chain together attacks in different swipe directions for special combo moves. The Combos skill can be unlocked for both Siris and Isa by upgrading their Attack stats. Each weapon class has its own set of combos.

  • Light Weapons
    • 3-Hit Combo:   Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Left.png.resized.png
    • 4-Hit Combo:   Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png
    • 5-Hit Combo:   Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Up.png.resized.png Move_Down.png.resized.png Move_Left.png.resized.png
  • Dual Weapons
    • Combo Trigger:  Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Left.png.resized.png  
      Once this combo is triggered, every hit is a Combo Hit.
      Secondary Combo (during Combo Hit): Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Down.png.resized.png or Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Up.png.resized.pngor Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Down.png.resized.png or Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Up.png.resized.png
  • Heavy Weapons
    • Combo Trigger: Move_Down.png.resized.png Move_Down.png.resized.png or Move_Up.png.resized.png Move_Up.png.resized.png or Move_Right.png.resized.png Move_Right.png.resized.png or Move_Left.png.resized.png Move_Left.png.resized.png
      Triggers a slash bonus, but ends the enemy will no longer be stunned.

Bonus Combo - Each weapon has its own unique combo. To access these, you first need to unlock the Weapon Custom Combo skill. Both Siris and Isa have this skill available by upgrading their Attack Stats.

Super Attack - Isa and Siris can each unlock the Super Attack ability by upgrading their Shield stats. Once the ability is unlocked, the Super Attack meter charges over time. Once full, tapping it instantly stuns your opponent and makes them vulnerable to special attacks.

Special Attacks - These powerful moves occur after performing your Super Attack move, or earning a Perfect Parry Boss Break? or a Perfect Block Break Boss. Occasionally Special Attacks initiate by chance - so always be ready! The type of Special Attack depends on the weapon class you have equipped:

  • Light Weapons (Siris) – A stab followed by a shield bash.
  • Dual Weapons (Siris) – Multiple stab points, which deliver lightning-fast strikes against an opponent.
  • Heavy Weapons (Siris) – Opens the enemy for a series of slashes, which deliver punishing blows when you line them up with the on-screen guides.
  • Light Weapons (Isa) – A sequence of precision stabs against an enemy.
  • Dual Weapons (Isa) – A large number of stab points, which deliver lightning-fast strikes against an opponent once you’ve touched them all.
  • Heavy Weapons (Isa) – Stabs followed by slash prompts.

Mega Hit - Siris can unlock this ability for both characters by upgrading his Attack Skill and earning the Mega Hit skill. Mega Hits are powerful strikes that can be delivered at the end of a Super Attack.

Combat in Infinity Blade III is as much about defense as it is offense. Pay attention to each enemy’s movements to predict the type of attack they are about to use. Then react with the appropriate defensive move.
  • Regular Weapon Strike – Can be parried, blocked, or dodged.
  • Punch/Kick/Head Butt – Can be blocked or dodge, but not parried.
  • Charging Attacks – Can be parried or dodged, but not blocked.
  • Shield Bash/Leaping Ground Pound – Can only be dodged.
  • Bites – Can be parried or dodged, but not blocked.
Your Magic Meter fills as you fight enemies. Once full, tapping the Magic icon enables you to cast a spell. Your available spells are determined by the Ring you’ve equipped. To cast a spell, draw the symbol as it appears on screen. Be careful! You are defenseless when you are drawing your spell. Only do so when your opponent is stunned or has paused between attacks.

\nYour Magic Meter fills as you fight enemies. Once full, tapping the Magic icon enables you to cast a spell. Your available spells are determined by the Ring you’ve equipped. To cast a spell, draw the symbol as it appears on screen. Be careful! You are defenseless when you are drawing your spell. Only do so when your opponent is stunned or has paused between attacks.
  • Blind – Provides longer attack window on enemy.
  • Blunt – Enemy does less damage.
  • Defend – Restores Shield and Health over time.
  • Freeze – Slows enemy attacks.
  • Heal – Restores Health.
  • Holy – Steals Health from enemy.
  • Incinerate – Damage Enemy with fire.
  • Nullify – Removes Enemy Elemental Resistance.
  • Shock – Damage Enemy over time with electricity.
Siris and Isa are being hunted by the Worker and his Deathless allies. However, they have found sanctuary in a beachside hideaway few living know about. The Hideout serves as your home base, where you will launch your strikes against your enemies, cook potions, fuse gems, upgrade your items, and buy discounted items.
At the Forge, Jensen the Blacksmith can upgrade help you upgrade your mastered items. Re-Mastered items have their stats permanently raised - before you upgrade an item, you can see how your item will be improved and the cost to upgrade it. Newly upgraded items can earn additional XP. Items can be upgraded up to Level 10.
It’s from here that you’ll start all your quests. Your most important campaign quest is highlighted, but you will have other challenges available most of the time. You’ll find three challenge types new to Infinity Blade III: Trials, ClashMobs, and Aegis Tournaments (see ClashMobs 2.0 below for more details).
Inside the Phoenix chamber, you’ll find Eves, the Potion Master, who can help you cook potions. Too cook a potion, ingredients found while exploring the world can be dragged into the tube on the right side of the screen. After you’ve added your ingredients, hit the Cook button to begin brewing your potion. Different mixes of ingredients will result in different types of potions with different potency. See the Supplies section for more information on the ingredients available in Infinity Blade III.
Inside the Gem Lab you will find Burgess Benedict Batteric III, the Gemcutter, who can help you fuse new gems. Some items can equip gems, which make them more powerful. The Gemcutter can take any three unequipped gems and fuse them, potentially into a much greater gem. Simply drag three gems from your gem bag to the Fusion Chamber and press the Fuse button.
The Merchant’s ship comes and goes as she pleases, so she won’t always be in port when you visit the Hideout. Be sure to look at her wares when she is at the dock. Shell, the Merchant, sells items and supplies at a discount, and will buy back your Mastered items at a fair price. She will always leave the Hideout once you exit the ship - so buy these discount items while you have the chance!
Infinity Blade III enables you to customize Siris and Isa in a variety of different ways. Only by utilizing each of these options to the fullest can you hope to defeat the Worker of Secrets!

Touch the pause icon (top middle of the screen) to bring up the character screen. You can switch between Siris and Isa by tapping their icons at the top of the screen.
Earning Skill Points
Each time you defeat an enemy, the items you have equipped gain experience points, which your hero absorbs. Once you’ve gained enough XP, you will go up a level. This provides you with two Skill Points to spend. You also earn a Skill Point each time you master an item. For this reason, it is best to always equip items that have not yet been mastered (and upgrade items that have already been mastered).

Spending Skill Points
The Skills menu displays the four core stats for your character: Health, Attack, Shield, and Magic. By investing Skill Points in a stat, you progress towards earning a related Skill. You can preview available Skills by taping on the icons. There is no benefit to saving your Skill Points, so be sure to spend them as soon as you get them! You can reallocate your skill points later if you want to focus on a different player stat.

From the Skills Menu, you can Tap the Stats button at the top of the screen to see the raw numbers of your stats. Here’s what each stat means.
  • Health - Determines how much damage your character takes before he or she dies.
  • Attack - Affects how much damage you deal with every strike.
  • Shield - Directly increases the amount of Shield Points you have for blocking enemy attacks.
  • Magic - Increases the effectiveness of your spells.


Everything your characters use in Infinity Blade III is divided into either Items or Supplies. Items are things that your character equips (weapons, armor, helmets, shields, magic rings, and gems). Items cost gold to purchase and keep in your inventory. Supplies are helpful things that have a one-time use. These include potions, keys, treasure maps, and prize wheels. Supplies cost chips.


Gold can be found in bags strewn around the environment, in treasure chests, and is often dropped by defeated enemies. You can also earn gold by selling Mastered items to the Merchant and by competing in Trials, ClashMobs, and Aegis Tournaments. Gold is used to buy items - weapons, armor, helmets, shields, and magic rings. You can purchase additional gold via iTunes using in-App purchasing if you want access to more powerful items earlier in the game, by scrolling to the bottom of any list.


Chips can be collected after completing Goals, earned in Battle Challenges and by playing Trials, ClashMobs, and Aegis Tournaments. They are harder to come by than gold, but are well worth the effort. Chips are used to buy supplies - ingredients, potions, treasure maps, and prize wheels. You can also purchase additional Chips via iTunes using in-App purchasing by scrolling to the bottom of any list.

Items include Light Weapons, Dual Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Shields, Helmets, Armor, Rings, and Gems. You can have one weapon, shield, helmet, armor set, and ring equipped at any time. Gems are fitted into the other items to make them more powerful.

From the Item screen you can see how much XP you’ve earned from each item, a weapons unique combo (if you’ve unlocked the Bonus Combo skill), and any bonuses the item has.

Many items have specific modifiers that given them special elemental abilities in combat. Some elementals are particularly useful against bosses who use their opposite elemental. You will find items in Infinity Blade III that utilize multiple elementals at the same time, providing multiple bonuses.
HudElemFire.png.resized.png Fire
Fire damage
HudElemIce.png.resized.png Ice
Cold damage
HudElemPoison.png.resized.png Poison
Poisonous damage
HudElemShock.png.resized.png Shock
Electric shock damage
HudElemWater.png.resized.png Water
Water damage
HudElemWind.png.resized.png Wind
Wind damage
HudElemBright.png.resized.png Bright
Bright magic damage
HudElemDark.png.resized.png Dark
Dark magic damage
Many items have specific modifiers that will affect your characters abilities when you equip them.
AttribMagic.png Magic
Increases the effectiveness of spells.
AttribHealth.png Health
Additional health.
AttribDamage.png Attack Damage
Additional damage per attack.
AttribShield.png Shield
Additional blocking points.
AttribStamina.png Stamina
Increases the number of dodges you can perform before becoming exhausted.
Many items in Infinity Blade III have slots for gems to be installed to modify their capabilities. You can enhance your weapons and armor on the Gem Bag screen, using various gems you find, win, or purchase. Simply drag a gem from your inventory over to the open slot of the same shape to install it. Removing a gem destroys it, though you can pay a fraction of the gem’s value to salvage it and install in a different item if you have unlocked Siris’ Gem Removal skill.

Different types of gems will modify the weapon or armor in various ways.
GemCircle.png.resized.png Stat Gems
Add points to player stats.
GemDiamond.png.resized.png Perk Gems
Modify player with things like elemental defense and drop chance bonuses.
GemHex.png.resized.png Bonus Gems
Powerful abilities of various types (only goes in armor).
GemSquare.png.resized.png Attack Gems
Boosts attack in different ways (only goes in weapons).
GemUpsideTriange.png.resized.png Combat Gems
Abilities that trigger during battle with different effects (only goes in weapons).
GemLightClass.png.resized.png Light Class Gems
Attack bonuses only available for Light Weapons.
GemDualClass.png.resized.png Dual Class Gems
Attack bonuses only available for Dual Weapons.
GemHeavyClass.png.resized.png Heavy Class Gems
Bonuses only available for Heavy Weapons.
GemSpecialSlot.png.resized.png Special Gem Slot
You can place any Stat, Perk, Bonus, Attack, or Combat gem in star-shaped slots.
Be on the lookout for these items - they will help you on your quest.
IB3_Potions.gif Potions
Potions offer different types of regeneration and enhancements.
IB3_Ingredients.gif Ingredients
Used to mix potions at the Hideout.
GoldBag.png Gold Bags
Bags of gold can be used to buy new weapons and items to make your character more powerful.
Chest.png Chests
Treasure chests contain weapons, gold, potions, or other items. Some chests require keys to open.
IB3_Keys.gif Keys
Different keys are used to open various kinds of chests.
IB3_Gems.gif Gems
Gems can be embedded in your weapons and armor for enhanced capabilities. 
IB3_Prizewheels.gif Prize Wheels
Prize wheels offer a random chance at weapons, items, gems, or gold. Spin the wheel and collect your prize!
IB3_Maps.gif Treasure Maps
Treasure Maps point to the location of hidden rewards. Once you obtain each map, find the location on the maps to reveal previously-hidden touch points. X marks the Spot!

Ingredients are new to Infinity Blade III and provide you with the opportunity to brew your own potions. There are ten different ingredients that can be found in the world or purchased in the store. Mix and match different ingredients to discover new and powerful potions. Use potions frequently to defeat tough opponents - it’s not cheating, it’s awesome. And you can always cook more!

The color of an ingredient determines its effect. Each color has two variations - one normal and one extremely potent.

Health bonus/Boosts triggered by blocking.
IngredientsBlue1.png IngredientsBlue2.png
Blue Berries
Blue Butterfly

Magic bonus/Boosts triggered by parrying
IngredientsGreen1.png IngredientsGreen2.png
Green Cactus
Green Reeds

Attack bonus/Boosts triggered by getting hit or scratching enemy.
IngredientsRed1.png IngredientsRed2.png
Red Flower
Red Mushroom

Shield bonus/Boosts triggered by performing combos or stabbing enemy.
IngredientsYellow1.png IngredientsYellow2.png
Yellow Cocoon
Yellow Bones

Boosts Potion Strength
IngredientsRare1.png IngredientsRare2.png
Rare Bulb
Rare Root
Each time you leave the Hideout on a campaign quest you start a new Awakening. It is common to need several Awakenings to complete a single quest. Each pass through an area provides opportunities to earn more XP, collect Gold and Chips, find ingredients for potions, and discover new items. Dying while fighting most Titans results in a death screen that offers a chance to attempt the fight again. You will have an opportunity to equip different items and consume potions before retrying the fight. Most areas have a final boss, noted by a skull next to their name. Dying against these bosses results in returning to the Hideout. You’ll keep all of your experience, gold and items. You can try other available quests or jump back in and play through the previous quest again with better gear and more experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to revisit areas multiple times by stocking up on keys for treasure chests you pass the first time through and to learn the timing on each boss’s attacks.

Too Hard?
When you die against fighting most bosses you will be given a helpful option. By clicking the Too Hard? button, you can restart your Awakening, while keeping all of your experience and items. This will reset the levels of enemies, even though your character will remain just as powerful.

Infinity Blade III introduces news ways to enjoy challenges beyond the single-player campaign, enabling you to participate in three different types of events accessed from the World Map: Trials, ClashMobs, and Aegis Tournaments.

Trials (Solo)
Solo tests of skill that earn you Battle Chips, gold or other consumables. Each attempt is ranked as Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

ClashMobs (Co-Op)
Cooperative battles where your score is added to the score of everyone else who plays. If the goal is met, all qualifiers win the reward.

Aegis Tournaments (Competitive)
Competitive events where you attempt to post a high score. At the end of each stage, only the top qualifying players move on to the next round.

ClashMob 2.0 does not require you to log-in via Facebook or Twitter; however, those who do will see additional rewards. Through Twitter and Facebook interactions you can earn additional attempts every day for Trials. You can also earn bonus gold in ClashMobs and Aegis Tournaments.
Deathless Mode was introduced in Infinity Blade III: Ausar Rising (ver 1.2). This new mode offers additional challenges to players. To enter Deathless Mode, you will first have to complete Infinity Blade III’s campaign at least once. Look for the large purple skull on the World Map.

Deathless Mode takes you through each Infinity Blade III quest in order, separate from your progression through the game at normal difficulty. Every enemy will be much, much tougher, but will also provide great rewards.

The Rules for Deathless Mode
  1. You only enter with the Gear you currently have equipped. Everything else is left back at the Hideout.
  2. Even your Gold and Chips are left behind.
  3. You can spend Gold or Chips while on a Deathless Quest, but you’ll have to earn that spending money while on a Deathless Quest.
  4. All enemies are tougher and are equipped with Boss Perks.
  5. If you die, the Gear you have equipped is left behind. You will have to fight through that Deathless Quest again and defeat the Titan who killed you in order to reclaim your loot.
  6. Lose to that Titan a second time and those items are lost forever, replaced by what you currently have equipped.
  7. You must fully complete a Deathless Quest in order to bring all of your earnings back to the Hideout.
  8. While on a Deathless Quest, you cannot exit to the Hideout without forfeiting the items in your inventory. However, each time you complete one of the Deathless Quests, you can continue in the normal game and return to the next Deathless Quest whenever you want.

There are exclusive items only available in Deathless Mode and Titans will drop larger amounts of Gold. You will also earn double the number of Chips from Battle Challenges while in Deathless Mode.

Completing Deathless Mode once (defeating the Worker of Secrets) unlocks the ability to re-master items up to Level 15 (the normal cap is Level 10). If you complete Deathless Mode five times, you unlock the ability to re-master items to Level 20.

Introduced in Infinity Blade III: Ausar Rising (ver 1.2), the Survival Arena is a great way to earn extra Gold, Chips, and Gems. The Arena is accessed from the World Map and has you facing continual waves of Titans as you attempt to progress to the next tier and collect even bigger rewards.

To enter the Arena, you must choose from three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Aegis. Each difficulty has a different maximum reward (Gold, Chips, or Gems). Unlike ClashMobs, each victory in the Arena earns you XP and can level up your items.

Every five battles you win increases the reward in the pot. You can then cash out or risk your earnings for greater glory (and loot) – but die and everything you had won is lost.
The Arena resets itself every 24 hours. You get one shot each day to battle in the Arena. Once you back out, you will need to wait for the Arena to reset before you can test yourself again.
The origin of these creatures of myth are unknown, but seeing one is rare. The dragons come and go as they please and are so powerful that they cannot be defeated in one fight. Throughout the course of your adventure in Infinity Blade III, you will encounter at least oneDragon, though it is possible you will discover more the longer you play. In these moments, any damage you do will permanently affect the Dragon you face. You will need to fight her numerous times before her health is low enough that she can be defeated. When the dragon is near death, a special quest will appear on the World Map. Win this epic final battle, and the Dragon will be vanquished - and a great reward earned.
If you decide the game is too tough, the Options menu will allow you to restart from your last Awakening but keep all your experience, gold and items you’ve collected. If you choose \"Reset Character\" you will wipe your character profile, level and inventory, and start over from the beginning - this means you will lose any gold, items, or XP you have earned. (Gold obtained through in-app purchases will be retained).
  • Online Instructions and Help – Link to this online manual.
  • Character Slots – Change between character saves.
  • Show Subtitles – Toggle subtitles on or off.
  • Music Volume – Set the volume of the background must.
  • SFX Volume – Change the volume of the game’s sound effects.
  • Dodge Button Size – Change the size of the dodge buttons for ease of gameplay.
  • Dodge Button Position – Adjust the positioning of the dodge buttons on screen.
  • Invert Look Axis – If the vertical Camera controls don’t feel intuitive to your game style, check (or uncheck) the \"Invert Look Axis\" option.
  • Rename Character – Change the name on your character save file.
  • Show Credits – View the credits by the developers of Infinity Blade III.
  • Rate Infinity Blade III – Give Infinity Blade III your rating in iTunes.
  • Play Infinity Blade Origins – Watch the intro animation movie.
  • Infinity Blade: Awakening – Preview the Infinity Blade eBook written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.
  • Infinity Blade I – Preview the game that started the legend.
  • Facebook: Login – Connect your game account with your Facebook account.
  • Clear User Data From Server – Deletes your game account.
  • Last Awakening – Start the game from your last awakening, but keep you character experience and all your inventory items and gold intact.
  • Reset Character – Wipe your character profile, experience and inventory, and start over from the beginning. (WARNING: This will delete all your inventory items, XP, and gold.)
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