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From the award-winning Epic Games studio, ChAIR Entertainment, the ground-breaking Infinity Blade games have brought handheld gaming to new heights with gorgeous visuals, adrenaline-fueled sword fighting battles, and advanced character progression and customization in an expansive 3D world.

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Infinity Blade is an award-winning video game series created by ChAIR, a division of Epic Games. Originally introduced in 2010, Infinity blade was the first mobile game powered by Epic's Unreal Engine technology and is credited with forever raising the bar of mobile gaming. 

Infinity Blade's action, sword-fighting game play is bolstered by gorgeous visuals, adrenaline-fueled battles, and advanced character progression in fully 3D castle realms and landscape. 

A prototype of the original game was revealed by legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs during the Apple Fall Special Event in September 2010. Following the live demo, Jobs remarked  "That's on a phone! That's pretty remarkable." Infinity Blade was released with critical acclaim just three months later, winning numerous Editors Choice and Game of the Year awards, as well as the "Excellence in Design" Award at the 2011 International Mobile Game Awards.  

The series continued its ground-breaking success with the addition of Infinity Blade II in 2011 and Infinity Blade III, which completed the trilogy in 2013. The Infinity Blade games remain one of the most popular to be introduced exclusively on the App Store.

In addition to the blockbuster mobile games, the Infinity Blade universe continues to expand with novels written by bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, original soundtracks, an arcade machine version of the game, collectibles, and various merchandise products. 


Siris was trained from birth to be a noble, skilled duelist, in order to fight the God-King for his people’s freedom. He has since learned that he is really a Deathless himself, a tyrant once known as Ausar the Vile, who lost his memory and was reborn as a baby.  His quest to end the Deathless tyranny has gone from being a mission to being a personal crusade. He continues to wrestle with the faded memory of who he once was – the most reviled of the hated Deathless, cruel and unworthy of immortality – and the man Isa hopes he can become – compassionate and selfless.


A roguish thief, Isa met Siris when she tried to steal the Infinity Blade from him.  She is worldly, confident, but vulnerable and afraid to trust others.  She was just getting used to the idea that Siris was Deathless, when she became one herself, and is having to reconcile her hatred for the immortals with the fact she is now one of them. She fights with the resistance, but more often than not completes missions on her own.  She is more stealthy than Siris and approaches her missions by staying hidden and fighting only when she has to.


The mythical creator of the Infinity Blade, the Worker was imprisoned by Ausar in the Vault of Tears for thousands of years before he tricked Siris into freeing him. Now that he has been released, and possesses the fully powered Infinity Blade, he has re-conquered the Deathless and is plotting another decimation of humankind to assure his domination of the world.  Fully post-human, truly immortal, he has little use for anything resembling compassion or honor, and his only real concern is prolonging his immortality.


The self-styled God King, Raidriar stepped into the power vacuum left by Ausar and the Worker thousands of years ago, and has been plotting to rule the Deathless ever since.  After losing to Siris twice in combat, they were both imprisoned by the Worker. After two years of killing each other over and over, and then resurrecting in the Vault, they finally came to an understanding… and Siris came to see Raidriar as something less than an evil figure.  He and Siris are, at best, reluctant allies.


Captain of the Merchant vessel Christina, Shell travels from port to port trading her wares. She has no love for the Deathless and refuses to join the resistance, but is willing to supply them both with arms and materials… for a price.


The Forge Master, Jensen, is from Drem’s Maw, where he idolized Siris growing up. His father forged Siris’ first sword for him. A tough, gruff, burly man, he is dedicated to the resistance and to Siris 


The former High Devoted to Raidriar, the Potion Master spent decades as one of the God King’s devoted followers, with the hope that he would be made a lesser Deathless himself. He reluctantly joined the resistance at Raidriar’s insistence, and to escape the Worker’s purges, but considers their nomadic life and mission beneath him. Though now his reluctant ally, he has nothing but contempt for Siris for ruining his former life.


The Gem Cutter is an artisan who worked for the House of Ix, combining art with technology to create enhancement gems for weaponry.  He joined the resistance mainly to save his own life, as his skill set made him a target for death or impressment into service by the Worker’s new Deathless regime. He stayed because he’s in love with Isa. He’s educated and well-spoken, but somewhat nervous and twitchy.


This nervous, short helper robot serves Ausar as his valet/assistant. He is cheerful but skittish, and constantly worrying that Siris will learn too much about his former life as Ausar. Though he appears as a meek, four-legged robot, TEL can change his shape at will.


The Hideout serves as your all-new base of operations. Throughout the campaign, you will discover and unlock allies who will join your cause. The Potionmaster, the Gemcutter, the Blacksmith, and the Merchant will help you on your quest to take down the Worker of Secrets.


The origins of this creature of myth are unknown, but it seems to be the only one of its kind. The Dragon comes and goes as it pleases and is so powerful that it cannot be defeated in one fight. Throughout the course of your adventure in Infinity Blade III, you will encounter the Dragon. In these moments, any damage you do will permanently affect the Dragon. You will need to fight her numerous times before her health is low enough that she can be defeated.