Celebrating 6 Years of Infinity Blade!


In July of 2010, ChAIR had the unique opportunity to create the first-ever mobile game powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. The game would be designed specifically to run on the new, and still unannounced, iPhone 4. This was an exciting - yet surprising - opportunity we’d been given since...ChAIR “didn’t make mobile games.” We’d long been fans of Apple and could see the growing potential for gaming on the devices they were creating and, we had some ideas!

Six weeks later, we had the honor of joining the late Steve Jobs on stage during the Apple iPhone 4 event where we introduced an early version of Infinity Blade!

The original Infinity Blade launched on iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch on December 9, 2010. Seen as the first “gamers game” for iOS, Infinity Blade raised the bar for mobile gaming with its stunning visuals and innovative gameplay designed specifically for the large, high-resolution display and multi-touch interface on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Since then, the blockbuster Infinity Blade series has grown to include a 3-game trilogy with more than 80 million downloads worldwide, as well as the recent Infinity Blade Saga released in China by our partners at Tencent. It’s also seen the release of two original soundtracks, a line of customizable statues, an original song from Imagine Dragons, and two novels written by bestselling and award winning author, Brandon Sanderson. What should we do next?!

In honor of this week’s Apple iPhone 7 press event and the 6th anniversary of introducing Infinity Blade to the world, we will be spotlighting some of our favorite moments from all three games and various content we’ve created over the past six years.

We are also offering the full original game, including all content updates, for just 99 cents - so tell your friends!

We hope you enjoy this week’s content and will help us celebrate by sharing some of your favoring Infinity Blade memories!

You can pick up Infinity Blade I, Infinity Blade II, and Infinity Blade III on the Apple App Store.