#TipsTuesday: Random Nuggets


Check out a few random tips found in our forum that will help you in your Infinity Blade journey.

  • Maintaining inventories at capacity for keys and ingredients will prevent them from being offered by the merchant and generally more gems will be appear instead. Battle rewards or treasure chests will also give more gems or gold. Similarly, if you keep a full inventory of rare prize wheels Galath will drop gold instead.
  • You can sell potions for Battle Chips. Many players buy or brew potions just to acquire more chips.
  • The Magic Meter and Super Meter (if you inflict damage) continue to charge during the finishing bonus. Be sure to maximize that time.
  • With Isa’s Master Looter skill enabled, you can enter almost any area, tap on a reward to collect them all, and immediately return to the hideout without ever facing a titan. Do this continuously until you have the gold or ingredients you need.


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