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Posted with permission from THX1138.IB3
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The language of Pangean


The language of Pangean

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    The language of Pangean

    Hi guys. OpRamdaman here, wanted to share some information I collected while playing IB1.

    It's the language of Pangean. I don't know if I will go to write down every single word and it's meaning, but maybe I will if I get some support. Here's 20 minutes of translation work.

    Yo-sa - I was/I will (I will when Siris spoke, I was when Archarin spoke)

    Padre/Padrie - Father

    Desini - Chosen

    ila/il - Our

    Ablitatas - Blood

    Destinadas - Calling (Ila Destinadas - Our Calling)

    Vorimos - People

    La - This

    Duma - End

    Dum - Doom (Grammar: To be used when mentioning someone's fate)

    Lorima - Now

    Wa - Who

    Nichi - Are you (Grammar: To be used when asked "Who")

    Izoyu - Why

    hara - Are you (Grammar: To be used when asked "Why")

    Kusta - Imprisoned

    Lo - Here

    I will try to break the phrases into words if the community would like it.

    Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

    There was a thread about cracking the Pangean language that has been buried. It could be in the Useful Thread Lists.
    It's cool that you have some translation though.

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      Interesting project. For those of you with multiple devices, I wonder if holding a second device with the voice to text feature activated next to the first device while a cutscene is playing would help at all


        I just go on YouTube and listen to it over and over and use the meaning to try and crack the language. More will be coming soon.


          Whenever Siris starts a Bloodline he says "father, I will avenge you" or something, and in Pangean he uses the word 'Padre' which is the Spanish word for father. That's pretty much all I can offer; I haven't played much of IB1 to remember any specific phrases aside from that.


            I love the technical stuff

            We tried to crack the written language awhile back, but we discovered that it was just randomized


              Originally posted by ShadowSlash17 View Post
              Whenever Siris starts a Bloodline he says "father, I will avenge you" or something, and in Pangean he uses the word 'Padre' which is the Spanish word for father. That's pretty much all I can offer; I haven't played much of IB1 to remember any specific phrases aside from that.
              He does say Padre (pronouncing as Pad-ree-Ay) which means father in Pangean, but says vega vunze which is translated to I will avenge you. But we know that "Yosa" means "I will", so I'm trying to discover whether to disregard that word or to discover if I can find out if it's related to Pangean grammar.

              EDIT: Just added some more words and fixed the list a bit.


                The language of Pangean

                The language bears some similarity to english. I am thinking about ways to decipher the written language. I do not have any clues, though

                EDIT: I read the post about the written language being randomized...

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                  The language of Pangean

                  Sorry for posting this like, 5 years to late, but I started playing the IB-games again since I heard Epic removed it from App-store, and I really wanted to share some information and possible grammar of Pangean that I've tried hard to figure out. I've been using both @OpRamdaman's dictionary and my own hearing to look for a logical language. I'm not saying any of this is accurate nor true, but is simply an attempt to make a real langauge of out Pangean.

                  Altough the language is just gibberish, there are surprisinly many "verbs" that follow a specific pattern. The only tense I've really figured out is the future, which I refer to as the future aspect not tense, since I don't know how the language deals with time.

                  The present aspect seems very irregular. I've found two possible endings -oh and -yan/-yal(r). Siris says -yan, Raidriar says -oh. Examples: Soske-yan valustey - I am the voice of freedom! // dim-oh = I am immortal!

                  For the past aspect I've only found one ending -ra which is used for the Second Person. -sa might also be possible but I've only found one sentence with it. Example: Ka-ra misi paghom = You have defeated my champions // Yo-sa desini = I was chosen

                  The future aspect has three endings, -ze (-zey) for First person, -sa (-say) for Second person and a possible -si (-siy/-sey) for Third Person. Example: Padreey, vega vun-zey = Father, I will avenge you!

                  Imperatives might end in -a or -r for Singular and -r for Plural. Example: Prok-a dutki ra dum = Prepare to meet your doom!

                  Nouns seem quite basic, I figured cases would be too complicated for this language, except in pronouns of course. There also dosn't seem to be any plural forms, other than -s or -m. Example: Kara mi-si pagho-m = You have defeated my champions.


                  I thought adjectives might come after the noun since in the prolog, Raidriar says "Komprato Infinitiy" which translates as the infinity blade. Many enemies like Thane also use infinitiy as a synonym to blade or The (infinity) blade.

                  The language also seem to have rhymes. That's why the future aspects can both be -ze and -zey.
                  Most words ending in vowels end in a diphtong.
                  The word infinitiy is spelled with a -y, since it sounds like a diphtong to me.
                  The letter -
                  represents the Schwa /ə/

                  Here are some words I found during my "adventure"

                  Padrey / Padreey - Father

                  Hatashi - you

                  Vega - you (Accusative)

                  Ra/la - your

                  Mi - I, me, my

                  Mi-si - my (Plural)

                  Ablitata(s) - Blood

                  Paghom - Champion(s)

                  Komprato - Blade

                  Vunzey - I will avenge

                  Dutki - To meet

                  Proka - Prepare!

                  Kumunzey - I will bring peace

                  Soskeyan - I am the voice / I am justice

                  Deriusisti - Tyranny

                  Prohinsi - It will stop / I will end (Prolog of the game, I figured "it will stop" is a better translation since it ends in -si, which is already a familiar ending, however "I will end" was used in the in-game subtitles)

                  Heru - Hero

                  Hatuy - Tell me / (What) do you call yourself

                  Kara - You have defeated

                  Dimoh - Immortal / I am immortal (Subtitles said both)

                  La - this

                  Duma - End / ends

                  Lorima / Norima - Now

                  vi - That / the

                  Ila / Il - Our (Ila for words ending in a consonant, Il for words ending in a vowel)

                  Vorimos - People

                  Destinadas - Calling

                  Kopachita - Blade, weapon

                  Yosama - It means, it is capable of [Thane's line: vi infinti kopachita yosama, yosama kinifada lo osafoh - that blade you hold, do you know what it means? what it is capable of?]

                  He - and (Only found once, so I doubt it's very productive)

                  Arakastano / Arakasta - Imprisoned

                  Khor - Welcome

                  Khor- Begin

                  Udernah verduvando - Foolish mortal

                  Amasi - It has been centuries [Amasi komperheru, hatuy komisimi - It has been centuries since a Mortal dared to challenge me. Tell me hero, what do you call youself]

                  Esoyu - Why [Esoyu arakasta lo - Why are you imprisoned here]

                  I might update the list of words or edit the grammar a bit later. If anyone even sees this. I might also add vowels with macrons to lengthen certain vowels.