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It doesn't matter how many times, for it will always come back again! To help you get started with our new Forum:

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General Discussion (GD)
Just about verything related to Infinity Blade goes here! Do you want to discuss lore? This is the place! Do you want to talk about forum activity or news? Same. Do you want to exchange ideas about how to play? Here is the place for that as well.

We love newcomers, and if there is one thing every one shares in common it would be "doubts". This is the place for those quick questions, so that once a question is answered others can profit from it too!

Here you can find gameplay-associated contests and clubs managed by Forum members. If you would like to show off your skills, learn with the veterans, seeking exciting challenges and competition, then this is the place for you.

Looking for detailed gameplay guides and/or compilations of useful tips? This section contains the best bits of wisdom, experience and strategies that our Forum community has to offer, so to aid you in perfecting your skills in the Aegis Forms and much more.

Herein lies our Forum's "Vault of Tears" - lost memories of a past time, in another place.

Finally there is the ALL section - a catch-all page containing every threads under the aforementioned categories. This is where you can easily check out the most recent threads and posts regardless of the category they appear under.

Please do spare a minute or two to read our Forum Rules here:

Newcomers and old-timers alike, we hope you have a wonderful time here in this Forum!

Posted with permission from THX1138.IB3
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Forum Rules - Please Read it

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Forum Rules - Please Read it

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    Forum Rules - Please Read it

    First of all,
    heartily welcome to our small piece of the internet.

    You will get to see that, albeit small at times, we have a very committed community around here.
    Much of it can be regarded to a few rules established log ago, which fostered a positive atmosphere of cooperation and, at most, friendly competition.

    But, to keep things clear,
    let's some old pals have their word:

    Originally posted by Hill
    This was established long ago, but people are either new or forgetful. I see this as a partnership. And partners should show one another some respect for boundaries. We like trading tips, we like helping others get goods through the trading marketplace. We're fine with posting bugs and with criticizing the game (but please keep it on topic with a post and not randomly hijacking other people's stuff). We expect everyone to be polite to one another, of course, but disagreements happen. Here is one area where there is no leeway.

    Hacking - talking about hacking the game, telling people how to hack the game, admitting you have hacked our games = immediate ban for life without exception.

    Exploits - we are aware that exploits happen in our game and, as some of you know, there is a current exploit to be used by people without the heart for proper competition. Discussion, revealing, encouraging exploits is not allowed on these forums. An exploit is doing something you know is clearly not design in the game. I know you know what I'm talking about. Exploit talk will result in the deletion of post and 3 day ban on 1st offense, 1 month on second, and lifetime on the third.

    Now that everyone is in the know, let's act like we're all in the know.

    Thanks for making the IB forums so awesome. I enjoy lurking/trolling you every day.

    Originally posted by noners
    This is meant to clarify on what qualifies as spam, and what is the outcome of excessive spam.

    Spam is (but not limited to):
    • Posting several posts consecutively that together form a single purpose
    • Quoting posts that are spam.
    • Posting many one line posts during a short period of time.
    • All those *grabs popcorn* type of posts only that are posted repeatedly.

    We have been made aware by many members that this kind of posting disturbs many forum members and prevents them from coming to the forums. We do not want that.

    Spamming and artificial increasing of post count is against the forum rules. Those who do not follow after making it VERY clear will be punished.

    Posts that are considered spam will be erased or edited into one post.

    On first offence: Verbal warning.
    On Second offence onwards: 1,000 post reduction.

    If we see this continues, we will have to take more extreme actions we don't want to.

    Thank you for understanding.
    Vile Majesty
    Last edited by THX1138.IB3; 10-11-2016, 06:01 PM.

    Signature rules:
    • We've decided to disallow Images in signatures.
    • We also hope that signatures will be more game focused.
    • Any Religious, Political or other Issue Base messages will not be allowed.
    This is a very nice signature in deed. But I changed it.