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Data transfer


Data transfer

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    Data transfer

    can you transfer data from iPad 2 to a iPhone 7 Plus as I got my new phone recently

    I assume you are talking about IB 3. If so, yes. First, on the iPad 2, make sure you go to Options, and check enable cloud save. Then go to help, Technical Data, and Refresh Ticket. Then uncheck the enable cloud save. On your iPhone 7+, make sure you are logged in to your Game Center account, download IB 3, and when you open it your game save should be there.
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      Try coolmuster mobile transfer to help you transfer data from iPad 2 to a iPhone 7 Plus. You just need to connect them to computer via usb cables, start the tool.
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        This method is not working for me... I am going from an iPhone 6s to an iPhone XR..... followed the instructions posted above but my game does not transfer


          Try hitting the training golem before turning off cloud saves again.
          If you have other questions, we answer much more quickly on the discord server, as theres a much higher activity there, join us!
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            Through the cloud transfer. What about copying apps? It seems there are some applications.