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Posted with permission from THX1138.IB3
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Story of the Dragons (Original Personal Presumption)


Story of the Dragons (Original Personal Presumption)

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    Story of the Dragons (Original Personal Presumption)

    Based on personal observation + IB Wiki

    560 words, 4-minute read

    If you have played IB3 the latest version (I believe most of you have), you would notice there are three dragons in the game. The origin of the dragons is not hard to discover. From conversations between Siris and Galath we know at least Ba’el was the youngest and latest dragon created by Galath. Pisci’s origin is not as clear as the other two, but based on the similarity of its appearance to Ba’el’s, it might be created a little earlier before Ba’el (that’s why it wasn’t awaken until the player killed Ba’el) but within the same period of time.

    What interests me most about the dragons is Dragoor. I believe ChAIR named this one Dragoor for certain reasons. It’s fun if you start searching for clues and bridging pieces. To start off: Dragoor was the last and the eldest dragon alive. Based on Siris’ words “…All this - the dragons, arming the deathless, it was like before.Just chaos to cover this…this…", plus Dragoors name and its super aged appearance (we can almost feel there was nothing left but its bones) we have reason to believe Dragoor may well be created during Ausar and Galath’s first cleanse of the earth. The reason to create dragons, might be religious - to make the world believe the apocalypse arrived and distracted military’s attention. Galath might have just genetically enlarged the bat and made it into a dragon just as how he made dogs into wretch monstrosities. There might have been other dragons at the time but somehow they passed away or were killed.

    If the dragons were killed, Ealoseum, Gortoel and Kuerofrom from IB1 might be the dragon slayers. They might had taken down all the dragons (if there were any besides Dragoor) and wounded the most troublesome Dragoor very badly then took away some of its body parts to make the Dragoor Set and kept the set as their personal possessions. It is unknown whether the three men could or would fight against Ausar and Galath, but they kept their isolation until captured by the God King. The king might not be able to win the three men, neither their swords not hearts, so he kept them prisoned to let them witness themselves gradually forgotten by the world.

    Dragoor, on the other hand, wounded and hided itself deep in the mountains. But centuries had passed and finally new warriors like Siris and Isa found it and made it no other option but stood up for the fight again. But it’s too badly wounded and aged to ever stand long enough again for a fight. You can see it retreats much faster than the other two dragons when you fight it. Dragoor faced its fate in the end.

    However, the story does not end here. There were actually two other Dragoor items made by two other warriors as kept by the Dragoor itself. These two warriors might have been on the same team with Ealoseum, Gortoel and Kuerofrom. Yet after slicing Dragoor and made the armors, they felt guilty and left the armors to Dragoor to keep. As they chose to vanish on the world, they spreaded rumors that the mighty Dragoor killed them and the dragon still lived somewhere in the world. If I’m going to introduce new characters into the ib world, these two warriors would be my top choice.

    Always fun to speculate! Here was a thread once on this:

    In the game Siris tells the WoS that he had created the dragons again, as part of another cycle of destruction. So I don't think they've been hiding out. Ealoseum, Gortoel and Kuerofrom were just lesser deathless, with nothing to do with the dragons. If the God King could enslave them, and they received permanent deaths with the earlier version of the Infinity Blade (which the God King didn't), I'm not sure they can be seen as too special.

    Still love all theories!
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      It's been a while since I've seen this level of speculation. The last time I can remember was when we tried to figure out what the Archivist's tablet said.

      sepcanes Kuero and all the rest were only kill able after killing the God King though. At that point, I'm fairly certain being killed with the original blade again would've resulted in permanent death.
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