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Dead forum


Dead forum

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    Dead forum

    Well, this forum is pretty much dead now isn't it? Not as many people playing the games either. In IBII about 99% of clash mobs are failing. In IBIII the last two NCFs have failed despite being for big amount of BC! Sad to see this, but these games are getting old. I still play II and III daily and wonder who else is still playing as much as I am.

    I play IB 3 daily. Still on my way to DM 185. I shall get there.

    I think there is more people on the IB Discord channel. I still prefer the forum (but that is just me).

    The forum is not really so user friendly right now either in its structure. Anyway, maybe things shall one day heat up again. I can always hope.
    IB 1 Level 500 Club ID#16 – IB 2 Level 2000 Club ID#25 – IB 3 “I Awaken” Club ID#9
    Game Center ID: sepcanes


      Yeah, I dislike this forum a lot. So many great tips and stuff lost. Still a lot here, but not as easy to find stuff. I also miss when people were writing their own IB stories. There were some really great ones coming along. Is all that lost too?

      And what is this Discord? I've heard of it but have no idea.


        Discord is a social app. Search the iPhone App Store and it should be easy enough to find. Then look for the infinity blade channel. There is much more activity there!
        IB 1 Level 500 Club ID#16 – IB 2 Level 2000 Club ID#25 – IB 3 “I Awaken” Club ID#9
        Game Center ID: sepcanes


          Thanks, got it and signed in!


            Ohhh I'll have to find it, so many good memories of this forum back in the heyday of 2011-2013 or so...
            Still playing, still a member of the "no glitch" club.


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                If only there were some way they could inject new life by porting IB to a new OS. Can anyone think of another OS out there that has a similar market share as IOS?


                  although this game is almost dead, many players like me will keep playing until clash mob server and facebook
                  save transfer is closed. For me, infinity blade 2 is more interesting than other game even after a long time.


                    Even though this forum doesn't have as much activity, it is still useful to have around for bugs and updates discussion.

                    Personally I still play the game almost everyday and it's good fun.

                    Looking forward getting to know more players in here.


                      I still play gggmikey as well. With nothing new coming down the pike, interest fades. But hopefully old timers are still here to help those that might need it.
                      IB 1 Level 500 Club ID#16 – IB 2 Level 2000 Club ID#25 – IB 3 “I Awaken” Club ID#9
                      Game Center ID: sepcanes