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So... That's it then?


So... That's it then?

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    So... That's it then?

    So, Infinity Blade is nearing an end.
    A true end.
    I'm honestly heartbroken by this, and a little worried too.
    I've spent so much time working towards becoming part of the players Pantheon.
    It pains me to think that I'll never be able to join now.
    I don't know if this forum will shut down too, but I hope it doesn't.
    Even if it's been 5 years since Infinity Blade III has been released, being part of the Pantheon has been a stretch goal of mine, and I've worked towards it one inch at a time.
    To give it up now just because the game will no longer be supported... That hurts.
    Is there any word on this?

    I hope the forum will keep going, although obviously it will get less and less active. Alas. . .
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      On the contrary I'd say things are looking up for Infinity Blade's future more now than it has in a very long time.

      ​​​​​​Donald Mustard has found massive success with Fortnite, and has risen through the ranks at Epic a significant amount since the heyday of Infinity Blade. Fortnite's continued success basically ensures that whatever projects he moves onto next will get plenty of attention both from within Epic games and from the gaming community in general.

      after the launch of Infinity Blade III the team basically came out and told us that it would be a long while until we heard from the series again, and I have long speculated that they have been waiting for their contact with Apple to expire so that they could finally move the series into full fledged console releases, and with the removal from the app store, it seems like this could come sooner rather than later.

      IB was a passion project for the Mustards, something they had been dreaming of for so long, and they still have so much more left to tell. With the series days with Apple coming to a close and the massive success of Donald's most recent project I'd say with near certainty that the future of Infinity Blade has been brewing in his mind for quite some time and that someday we'll get to see it come back better than ever and with a much larger auidence.

      Hang in there guys, the best is yet to come.
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        I've been talking to the folks in charge of Infinity Blade at ChAIR (Brad mostly) and it sounds like at least for now they'll be leaving the game servers and this forum up. I'll go through and document the clubs and requirements and save them, as we'll keep the infinity blade community alive as long as possible on the official discord server. I have contact with some of the club heads, and if/when you achieve the requirements, we'll make sure to get you added to the lists!
        Join us on the discord!
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          Players’ Pantheon, or the forum Pantheon Club? They are two different entities. The Club is still accepting members.
          Pantheon ClubNoe Mercy


            What about custom development? Any information on this? Is it possible to do this?


              Unfortunately, most likely we will not see fan-made content, because Epic games will not give the right to play.