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IB2 Achievements Guide


IB2 Achievements Guide

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    IB2 Achievements Guide

    | IB2 Achievements |

    Greetings fellow Achievement Hunters! Stuck or lost on a certain achievement? Worry not, as compiled below is the complete list of all 51 IB2 achievements including the secret achievements, i.e. achievements that does not show up on your GameCenter (GC) records until you actually obtain those achievements.

    8 secret achievements are added to the game as part of the Skycages Update (v1.3) - credits to MatthewSantoro and =InfinityZ= for first discovering and posting about them some time ago. 2 more achievements were added in update v1.31. In this guide, the 8 Skycages Update secret achievements are highlighted in turquoise and the 2 v1.31 achievements are in lime.

    All achievements are worth 20 GC points except the two v1.31 achievements that are worth 5 GC points each). They are listed below in the order as they appeared in GC once all obtained.

    Some users have reported that as of v1.3, their GC stopped registering certain achievements' progresses at some point, preventing them from obtaining the affected achievements. As of now this is a confirmed unfixed bug, check out for more info (see bug ID 034 and 035). I will highlight achievements known to be affected by this bug with "*" in the list below. Let me know if you find any other achievements affected as well, or if you find v1.31 addressing these issues.

    Achievements List


    In case you need more help, I wrote a guide on how to obtain some of the trickier achievements below.

    Achievements Guide [SPOILER ALERT! Read at your own risk!]

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