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March 07, 2012

Epic Games Releases ‘Epic Citadel’ in Flash

San Francisco, CA, March 07, 2012 — Epic Games, Inc. revealed today a range of Unreal Engine 3 experiences running flawlessly in a Flash browser during its press briefing at the Game Developers Conference.

Available now at https://www.unrealengine.com/flash is “Epic Citadel” (Adobe Flash 11.2 required), which Epic originally released for iOS devices. It’s now possible to navigate the beautiful 3D environment of “Epic Citadel” on the web.

As part of Epic’s media briefing, Unreal Engine licensee Trendy Entertainment provided a live demonstration of their multi-platform tower defense action hit “Dungeon Defenders,” which even comes complete with online multiplayer features in Flash.

Epic also showed off the graphically intense “Unreal Tournament 3” running in real time in a browser on Sanctuary, one of the game’s most visually stunning multiplayer maps. This is the same enhanced version that Epic’s founder and technical director Tim Sweeney revealed onstage at Adobe MAX 2011 on October 4, 2011.

Access Epic Citadel now to get a taste of what’s possible with UE3 in Flash.

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