A Change for Controllers

By The Paragon Team

Hey Paragon Community,

We’ve told you a few times that v.42 changes everything. And we mean it. Before the update goes live on Tuesday, August 8, we want to detail one more system that will be changing: controller layouts.

In v.40, we changed the default controller layout for all new players. The goal of this new layout was to allow players to keep their thumbs on the sticks while still being able to activate abilities. We accomplished this by moving abilities to the shoulder buttons and moving cards to the face buttons. Since then, players using the new default layout could aim their skill shots better and be more effective in combat.

In v.42, we are switching all players, both new and existing, to an updated version of the new controller layout we introduced in v.40. This new layout will be the basis for how we design future controller/HUD layouts. We highly recommend you give this layout a chance, even though it will surely feel very different at the start. Being able to aim while using abilities will help you be more effective in combat and will be worth retraining your muscle memory. Check out the new default layout below.


The old default controller layout will still be present in-game, and can be found under the name “Legacy”. We know changing a controller layout can be difficult, and want to make sure we still have the old option for players who prefer it (but please, give the new one a shot by playing 5-10 matches). We also have a number of alternate layouts that will be included in v.42, which you can see at the bottom of the page.


Quick Cast

Normally, abilities are considered an “activate and confirm” mechanic. You hit the button to activate/aim the ability and then hit the confirm button to fire it. In v.42, we are introducing a new setting for controller users called Quick Cast Abilities. With the Quick Cast Abilities option turned on, the ability will confirm on the release of the button. So holding the button will allow for aiming, if needed, and releasing the button will fire it. This makes for a much more responsive and fun playstyle.


We will continue to update and improve the controller layouts as we get data from people playing with the new update. In the very distant future, we are also looking into having the controller buttons mappable, so you have even more control.

See you in v.42 The New Dawn on Tuesday, August 8.

-The Paragon Team






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