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New Hero Reveal: Wukong

New Hero Reveal: Wukong

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v.40.2 Release Notes - Loot Crate Update and a new Kwang skin

Kwang tries out a new style with the Rosewood Kwang skin.

Paragon of Community: SneakyParagon Bros

You aren't seeing double! Read about our latest Paragons of Community, the SneakyParagon Bros.

V.40.1 Release Notes - New Emotes, a New Grim.EXE Skin and Animated Iggy Banner

Iggy makes it rain in v.40.1 with his animated banner, available for a limited time in the in-game store.

Community Guide: Phase

It’s a new age and you’re going to need some new tactics. Check out the Phase Community Guide to discover all of Phase’s tips and tricks.

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