Complete Gameplay Rebalance

By The Paragon Team

When you download the v.42 update on August 8, you’ll be a part of a brand new Paragon gameplay experience! After you land on the main menu, open up a few chests and configure your decks, you’ll launch a match and immediately notice that the game feels much smoother.

We have increased the attack speed and reduced ability cooldowns for nearly all of the Heroes across the board! We want to get closer to a gameplay “feel” that is less rigid, more fluid and provides a real sense of, “Oh, I am actually IN the action.” This doesn't mean everyone has crazy damage - we've actually rescaled everything to increase the time to kill.

The gameplay rebalance has an effect across the entire in-match experience. Each Hero will feel familiar, but is fundamentally different under the hood with entirely new stat values. Here is a quick snapshot of the attack speed changes comparing the current version with v.42:

Also, there are changes coming to respawn timers, how Critical Strikes function, the Mana Regen formula and re-tuned jungle buffs. So not only will be v.42 introduce an entirely new itemization system, it will also bring a fresh new feel to Heroes in combat.

-The Paragon Team

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